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You are the backbone.

You support the war effort by gathering the raw materials your teammates need. You get a chance for double ore and a special ability that gives you more ores.

Class Information

Unlock: Reach Novice-I Rank (250p)

Every ore you mine has an 80% chance of giving you two instead of one. The Miner starts with an 'Efficiency I' Stone Pickaxe, 8 pieces of coal, and a Furnace. This allows them get to mining right away. (The coal is not soulbound).

The Gold Rush ability causes ores mined by the user in the next 10 seconds to have a 100% chance of giving you two ores instead of one and a 33% chance of getting three ores instead of one. Cooldown 60 seconds.


  • Increased ore yield.
  • Immediate access to iron due to the starting stone pickaxe.
  • Ability to duplicate furnaces and coal.
  • Mining with 'Gold Rush' active gives ores at an insane rate.


  • No real combat advantages.

Tips & Tactics

  • Go straight for the iron mine when you spawn and get around 40 iron. Now you are set for full iron armor, and some extra for emergency.
  • When Mining you can get geared up much faster than others.
  • Mining gold will help produce more potions for your team.
  • The efficiency pick is very good when used in a rush, best when used with a transporter rush.

Video Review

Parts of this review might be out of date! Miner - English