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Inside McLovinville

McLovinville is a walled camp positioned near the ice river just West of Devil's Castle. The small location is primarily visited for the presence of food, a crafting table, and passable military loot, in addition to the presence of civilian chests. It's ideal as a rest stop for players heading up the ice river.

General Information
Coordinates: (-1320, -1550)
Location Message: N/A
Number of Buildings: 5
Zombie Threat: Medium
Number of Chests: 7
Lootable Graves: None
Risk of Bandits: Medium

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table
New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand

Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common Chests

Yellow dye.png Uncommon Chests 2
Antidote flask.png Rare Chests

Tool Loot
Wooden hoe.png Common Chests

Stone Button (S) JE5 BE2.png Uncommon Chests

Stone hoe.png Rare Chests

Food Loot
Beetroot.png Common Chests

Wheat.png Uncommon Chests 2
Pumpkin pie.png Rare Chests

Potion Loot
Potion Drink Health.gif Common Chests

Potion Splash Health.gif Uncommon Chests

Glowstone dust.png Rare Chests

Military Loot
Arrow.png Common Chests

Sugar.png Uncommon Chests 1
Ender pearl.png Rare Chests 2
Gunpowder.png Epic Chests

Diamond axe.png Mythic Chests

Room Loot
Gold apple.png High Chests

Cooked cod.png Low Chests

Loot Chests

  • Tents
    • 2 civ_uncommon
    • 1 food_uncommon
  • Fireplace
    • 1 mil_uncommon
  • Watchtower
    • 1 mil_rare
  • Middle Stand
    • 1 food_uncommon
    • 1 mil_rare

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Although it does have decent loot, it is mainly left alone because of its far-off distance and lack of rare loot.
  • Players and zombies are both uncommon here, making this a great rest stop.
  • It is possible to jump onto the wool roof over the center of the camp, which can be used to get away from zombies or to get a good view of the surrounding forest.
  • Best used to loot it once and then head North.


  • The town is named after IamMclovin, the user that submitted the build Grayvale. His name can also be found in a sign in Thieves Guild.
  • This town is sometimes referred to as "McLovinville", "Mclovinville" (with a lowercase L) and "McIovinville" (with an uppercase i).