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Normal Private MTA Server

Private MTA servers are servers that you, as a player, can rent for a specified amount of hours. The cost of a private server is in Shotbow XP, and it's 2500 XP per hour.

You can choose freely between 12 different plans, each having 1 hour difference in the amount of time you can rent it. Naturally, the first option is 1 hour for 2500 xp. Following this there are 2500 xp and 1 hour increments.

1 Hour - 2,500 XP
2 Hours - 5,000 XP
3 Hours - 7,500 XP
4 Hours - 10,000 XP
5 hours - 12,500 XP
6 Hours - 15,000 XP
7 Hours - 17,500 XP
8 Hours - 20,000 XP
9 Hours - 22,500 XP
10 Hours - 25,000 XP
11 Hours - 27,500 XP
12 Hours - 30,000 XP

If nobody is on the server it will shut down, preserving the time you rented until it you open the server again. This can be done by writing /changeinstance and selecting the private option, clicking the "Create private game" option. This will let you see the 12 hourly renting options, but there will be an added option for your remaining server time. Clicking this will then open the previously rented server and the timer will start again.

If you want to remove or add people to your server you can type /psm. Removing players is done by clicking their name/head and they will be removed. To add someone you click the add option and write their exact in game name into the chat as it promts you to. After doing this the server will ask you if you want them to be able to remove/add people to the server. Writing Yes will enable them to do so, writing No will not.

To terminate a session, write /psm and click the option in the bottom right stating so.

Purchase Unlimited Private Server Access

This package enables unlimited private server access. You can buy this package on here