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You are the chill.

You really hate things that move quickly. Enemies that hit you are slowed. You also freeze water when you walk on it.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Iceman starts with a stone sword, basic tools, a block of ice and 10 Lily pads. Use the ice block to toggle the ability to freeze. While walking over water/lava, water/lava blocks within 3-4 blocks of you will turn into ice (about a 7x7 area). Water/lava will not freeze if you are already in water/lava, only if you walk above it.

When you are hit by an enemy, the enemy has a 50% chance to get slowness III for 3 seconds.


  • Can quickly cross large bodies of water.
  • Water freezing can help bypass enemy water defences.
  • Inflict slowness on enemies.


  • Largely negligible on maps without water or lava.
  • Lag may drop you into the water and you have to use your Lily Pads to get back up
  • Buying this class is not recommended when you're not from East Coast NA because your ping will not allow you to sprint jump on ice.

Tips & Tactics

  • On maps like Coastal and Canyons, the Iceman has great mobility around the middle.
  • If people are hiding underwater you can stand over them until they drown.
  • Can be used as a means of escaping oncoming enemies.

Video Review

Parts of this review are now out of date! Iceman - English