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Healing is a vital part of MineZ, as unlike Vanilla Minecraft, health will not regenerate with a full hunger bar. In order to regain health, you will need to be healed, use potions or eat any kind of food, excluding rotten flesh.

Healing Yourself

Healing yourself is pretty simple, if you don't mind the inventory space used. You should have at least a few of these ready for healing if in a group, and a lot more if you're traveling alone.

  • Paper.png Paper (known as a bandage) can be right clicked to instantly heal a single heart or stop any bleeding you might have and it will only heal half a heart. The paper is immediately consumed, so carry more than one.
  • Apple.png Food, excluding rotten flesh, will heal you half a heart every time you eat (in addition to restoring hunger). The most efficient food to restore health from is golden apples, since they give you Regeneration II for ten seconds and Absortion II for two minutes. Eating food will not stop bleeding.
  • Health potion.png Health potions can be found mainly in potion chests (mainly found in churches) and come in Instant Health I and II. Splash and Lingering versions also exist. You can drink them for an instant 3 or 4 hearts of health respectively. You will not get an empty bottle back after drinking one. You can brew drinkable Instant Health potions with gunpowder to make them splash potions and glowstone dust can be used to make Health Is, drink or splash, into Health IIs.

Healing Others

Healing others is a very good way for a team to keep each others health up while taking up minimal inventory space. In order to heal another player without using health potions, you will need Bandage, Shears, and if needed, Healing Ointment and Antibiotics. Healing another player will not consume the items used, so it is recommended in a group to have a healer that can heal teammates without having to waste health potions. Once the healing process is started, it must be completed quickly or it will be interrupted.

  • Paper.png Left click with a bandage on another player to start the healing process (You will NOT actually damage them). You must always start the healing process with paper. Note: You must have the Shears in the Hotbar at the same time as the paper in order to start
  • Red dye.png(Optional) Left click with healing ointment after using paper or antibiotics to extend the regeneration buff the player will get after cutting the bandage. Using this is preferred because it restores much more health than simply using a bandage.
  • Lime dye.png(Optional) Left click with antibiotics after using paper or healing ointment to cure infection after cutting the bandage, if the player has it. At least one person in a group should keep this handy should the group run out of milk.
  • Shears.png Left click with shears to finally 'cut' the bandage, completing the healing process by restoring health by regeneration and stopping any bleeding.
    • If you used the healing ointment, the player will be granted extra regeneration time.
    • If you used antibiotics, the player will be cured of infection.

After being successfully healed by another player, you must wait out a 5 minute cooldown in order for someone to heal you again.

Additional Info

  • You may left click shears on a player to see how much health they have left, their bleeding status (if bleeding), and cooldown timer before being able to be healed again (if any).
  • If you heal 16 unique players, you gain a green healer suffix and you become a Healer.