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You are the medic.

Healers are not as skilled in combat, but instead provide support to their team. Right click your blood bag item to heal 3 members in an area around you for a small amount. Left click your blood bag item while looking at an ally near you to heal them a great amount.

Class Information

Unlock: Reach Silver-III Rank (10,000p)

  • The Healer has the ability to see their teammates' health, and spawns with a blood bag.
  • The blood bag can be right-clicked to heal up to 3 of the lowest health players for 2.5 hearts (   ) within a 6-block radius with a cooldown of 15 seconds.
    • This will also debuff the Healer with Weakness I for 5 seconds.
    • Other healers will only heal 1 heart ( ) from this ability.
  • It can also be be left-clicked to heal 1 player for 7.5 hearts (        ) with a cooldown of 45 seconds.
    • This will also debuff the Healer with Weakness I for 15 seconds.
  • Healing another player also gives the Healer 2 experience per player healed.


  • Massive healing.
  • Can see their teammates' health.
  • Low cooldown on the right-click heal.
  • Careful use of the left-click heal can effectively provide a second life to a teammate, swinging a fight considerably.


  • Weakness after healing can reduce usefulness when fighting an enemy.

Tips & Tactics

  • Stay near battle areas, particularly the middle, to keep your teammates' health high.
  • Keep an eye on teammates taking damage so you roughly know their health bars and therefore who/when to heal.
  • If someone is sprinting back to a base and/or has arrows in them, it's most likely worth assuming they are hurt and giving them a heal.
  • You can also tag along with a teammate that is going aggressive and use the left-click heal just before you estimate they are about to die. Try to stay at maximum healing range so you can retreat quickly.
  • Extend your support role by using your shield to protect teammates from archer fire, particularly whilst your bloodbag is on cooldown and/or for someone on low health.

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