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You are the fixer.

Every hit you get on an opposing team's nexus has a chance of repairing your Nexus!

Phase 2: 25%

Phase 3: 20%

Phase 4: 15%

Phase 5: 10%

Class Information

Unlock: Reach Gold-III Rank (40,000p)

The Handyman can repair their team's nexus when damaging the enemy's nexus, chances are listed in the description. When repaired, the nexus' health CAN go above 75. The handyman starts with a wooden sword, a wooden pickaxe enchanted with efficiency I, and a wooden axe.


  • Only method of replenishing nexus health.
  • You can earn more Shotbow XP with higher Nexus health due to the Nexus Health Bonus XP


  • Falls off in effectiveness as the game draws out.

Tips & Tactics

  • The earlier you cause damage, the higher the chance your own nexus will be repaired.

Video Review

Parts of this review are now out of date! Handyman - English