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Gold Rush is a fast paced PVP gamemode from Shotbow. In Gold Rush, Two teams complete to knock each other out by attacking and destroying the enemy team's smelter.
There are several ways to do this but all strategies revolve around key material - GOLD!

Gold is used to unlock new classes and items as well as upgrades and buffs for your team. So grab a pick and start mining!

Wiki Pages

Getting Started
New to Gold Rush? Learn how to play here!
Learn about various classes and see what playstyle most interests you!
Spend your money to buy potion or military materials.

New to a map or just want to plan out a game? Here's the place!
Side Quest
Mine Emeralds and get them to the villager and wreck havoc on the enemy team!
Tips & Strategies
Tiny things you can do on the way to Game Mastery and strategies for your clan to employ!