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You are the cultivator.

Keep your team fed at maximum hunger with your Feast ability and annihilate your enemies stamina with your Famine ability! You also find items while breaking grass.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

  • The Farmer starts with a set of wooden tools, including a shovel, a stone hoe, 15 bonemeal, a golden carrot named 'Feast' and a dead bush named 'Famine'.
  • Find items when breaking tall grass.
  • Crops instantly grow back when you harvest them.
  • Using the Feast ability fully replenishes the hunger of yourself and any teammates within 10 blocks of you, and gives 4 saturation of top of that. Feast also removes the hunger potion effect if inflicted.
  • Using the Famine ability will cause all enemies within 13 blocks of you to receive hunger 20 which will deplete their hunger down to 2.5 hunger bars.
  • You have a 30% chance to restore 2 points of health and gain 2 points of saturation upon eating food.


  • Feast can cure all hunger problems for teammates as it restores all hunger and saturation.
  • The Famine ability will crush your enemies hunger, making them unable to sprint or recover health!
  • The Feast ability can counter the Famine ability if you're inflicted by an enemy Farmer.
  • Useful for collection potions ingredients such as Ghast Tears and Netherwart.


  • No cons.

Tips & Tactics

  • Repeatedly harvest wheat for your team to make bread. The higher hunger and saturation values will mean you and your team won't have to stop and eat as often.
  • While bread is a good long lasting food, a farmer might benefit from eating melon slices more due to the increased chances of getting health and saturation.
  • Using Famine in a large fight can tip the scales in your favor, as enemies will no longer be able to escape or regenerate health.
  • Stay in groups with your teammates and be ready to use Feast regularly and Famine when fights happen.

Video Review

Parts of this review are now out of date! Farmer - English