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Overview of Etna, as seen from the top

Etna was added in the 06/01/15 update. The map is based off of the erupted vulcano called Mount Etna which erupted on November 12th 1875. It is now over a 139 years since the volcano eupted and Etna has been transformed into a paradise. According to the map lore, it's new settlers are having a war over the rich resources of the tree of etna. Who will gain supremacy of the tree of Etna?

The theme build for the map Etna is; Return to paradise. Etna is a fairly open map that has 2 iron mines, 1 coal mine, 1 redstone mine, 1 emerald mine, 1 lapis mine and 2 mixed ore mines while also offering a wool deposit which can come in handy in defense. Etna is known for having a fairly hard mid as it consists of a lot of water surrounding a lava pit in the center. The mid also has floating island which can provide interesting mid games. There are various different versions of the map that has been updated throughout the years.


  • Iceman can be very useful in mid, as there is a lot of water.
  • Scout can be a very useful class as the land is very plain with floating islands that scouts grapple can reach.
  • Acrobat can be used to quickly get on and off the islands in mid which should help getting to safety around the diamond ores.


  • This map contains a wool deposit, this can be very useful for defenders!
  • The map is fairly large, using mobility classes can really improve your gameplay!
  • The map contains over 20 easter eggs, try to find them all!