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You are the master.

You upgrade your team's gear with your advanced knowledge of enchantments. You gain extra XP from gathering resources, and your special ability buffs your teammate's XP gain as well.

Class Information

A graphic showing the XP boost you get while using this class.

Purchase for 15,000 XP

Gains 2x EXP from resources, and can increase the exp gain of your teammates around you by 1.25x.

When you're at 7 health (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf heart.png), your levels will be consumed as damage in place of your real health (up to a certain extent). When you enchant an item, you have a 30% chance to increase one of the enchantments by 1 level (will not exceed the maximum level normally obtainable, however).


  • Good for quickly gaining experience to enchant your gear.
  • Experience levels can be used in place of health when you're about to die.


  • Useless if you're not gathering resources.

Tips & Tactics

  • Mining gold allows you to buy potion materials.
  • Redstone/Lapis may give the a similar amount of XP as Gold/Iron, but you cannot smelt it to earn extra XP.
  • Remember to always watch your back when mining resources and getting xp! If an enemy sneaks up behind you, you are probably going to die.
  • Since Anni uses pre 1.8 enchanting, it has a higher enchantibility. So you have a better chance of getting good enchants on your gold sword than on a diamond one. On the flip side, the gold sword has very little durability.

Video Review

Enchanter - English