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Wooden sword.pngWooden pickaxe.pngWooden shovel.pngWooden axe.pngEnder pearl.pngLeather helmet.pngChain chestplate.pngLeather leggings.pngLeather boots.png

You are the last line of defense. When all else fails, you are the only thing standing between the enemy and your Nexus. You gain more health as your Nexus health decreases, and activate Guardian's Pearl to be instantly teleported back to your Nexus.

Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)

Class info

The Defender comes with a chain chestplate, an enderpearl named "Guardian's Pearl" and a set of wooden tools. You will have Regeneration 1 as long as you are in the "attack/defense of the nexus" kill area, which is in a 50 by 50 block area of your nexus.

You get 10% of your missing nexus health while you are in the area of the nexus. The missing health will give you half a heart within proximity of the nexus.

The Defenders hearts work as this table shows:  

You can activate the Guardian's Pearl to be teleported near your nexus. It has a 20 second cooldown.


Spawn with a chain chestplate. Regenerate health when near your nexus. Instant teleport into the nexus area when your nexus is under attack. You get more health while near the nexus the lower your nexus health is.


Loses its effectiveness in offensive play outside of your team base. If a Handyman heals your nexus enough, you will potentially lose maximum health. If you don't stay at your base gathering better gear for yourself, you will be almost useless against strength rushes.

Tips & Tactics

Go to the iron mine and mine yourself XP and iron, then make yourself protection and sharpness I iron gear, and do it again and combine it in an anvil. If you hear your nexus, use the pearl. If you get a boss buff, use strength. You already have regeneration, so you can eat up strength rushers. While dishonorable and disrespectful, you can defend outside your nexus, and if you get hurt, you can teleport to your nexus to stay alive. Regardless of when you became a defender, if your nexus is damaged the console will count the defender regardless if there is a defender on that team or not, so if you go defender at nexus health of 23, you will still have about 13 hearts. If you are Scorpio'd into the void, it is possible to use your pearl to save yourself.

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