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Overiew of Cronos, with markers.

Cronos is a relatively small map, containing only one of each mine as opposed to two iron/coal mines. Most mines are placed close enough that they're almost between two team bases, with emerald and gold placed directly between. This made mining for ores much more dangerous.

Cronos was added in the March update and replaced with Cherokee in the November rotation. It was later re-introduced after winning a returning map poll in May 2017.

Markers on the map detail the location of the mines (see the appropriate icon), enderfurnace (furnace), Nexus (Colored Star) and wither arenas (wither head).


  • Building skybridge for rushing is a really good strategy for this map because the Nexus is very open and the map is really small.
  • Strategy 2
  • Strategy 3


  • A decent wall can easily be built by a single person before Phase 2 starts.
  • It is recommended to play Pyro for the innate fire resistence
  • Make Fire Resistance potions to swim across the middle lava or simply block them.


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