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Captain Rat-rum is a MineZ Lore character. He was a captain of a pirate ship that sailed throughout the east before docking at Ragtag's Cove. Beyond that, Captain Rat-rum's fate is unknown.


Captain Rat-rum's earliest appearance in the MineZ map is at Carmi where he owns a house, suggesting that this may be his home town. At some point Captain Rat-rum left the city to become a pirate, and eventually returned back to Carmi hoping to find loot. He discovered the existence of the plague when he noticed many of the citizens showing signs of disease, and decided to leave the port promptly after scouring the town. In search for settlements with even better loot to pillage his ship passed by Afaya, where his ship travelling through the river was presumably approached by a horde of zombies, and in retaliation fired a cannon on his ship to clear away the attacking wave of zombies.

His ship eventually came across Grayvale, where he and his crew were turned away at the door by the inhabitants, fearful of infection and the pirates. As revenge for being unable to enter the town, Captain Rat-rum's crew fired a corpse over the wall of Grayvale before departure with the intent to spread the infection to the citizens of the town.

Captain Rat-rum finally arrived east of Fort McHarlington where he and his crew docked. His plan was to recruit troops defecting from Fort McHarlington and build a settlement, which later became Ragtag's Cove.


  • Captain Rat-rum has a house located in Carmi.
  • Multiple of Captain Rat-rum's own writings can be found throughout the map in the form of the Captain's Log Lore Books.
  • Captain Rat-rum is also documented in Alexander's City Log at Afaya.

Captain Rat-rum Lore Books

Carmi - Captain's Log

Day 3:

As we have docked here in the city we have come to find it overrun with citizens who have contracted what seems to be a plague! We will ship out in the morning in order to locate a better port with more gold!

Grayvale - Captain's Log

Day 67:

We hit a northern wind and we found this glorious suspended city after spotting it from the ship! We approached the entrance and were turned around by it's inhabitance. As we see no other alternative we have decided to leave. We have no intention of leaving this city unscathed so we are firing a corpse over the walls to see how they feel about their choice as we continue north. Even though we have plenty of rations on board, I sure wish this city had some gold for us!

Ragtag's Cove - Captain's Log

Day Unknown:

We've struck land! The islands around here seem to be scattered like dots on a canvas. We are going to stay here and build a base that can get us started as we get back to full strength. There is a base north not far from here that seems to have deserting troops that we may try to coerce into joining out ranks.


City Log - Alexander

Day 44:

Thank goodness! The zombies seem to have left us alone after hearing a cannon to the west after we saw a passing ship. Note to self: It seems that zombies are able to walk on the bottom of the ocean floor.


  • Captain Rat-rum is mainly responsible for Grayvale falling to the zombie outbreak.
  • Captain Rat-rum is one of the few lore characters that is known to have travelled to multiple locations. The other lore characters are Harvey and the Eclipsed Cult.
  • The final fate of Captain Rat-rum is currently unknown. It is likely that he and his crew died in the area surrounding Ragtag's Cove as his ship is still docked there. This can be linked to Fort McHarlington since there are a lot of signs describing the events of a zombie overrun on the fort and how the army succumbed to it.