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You are the anger.

A master of controlled aggression, you charge into the fight. You deal more damage to players with better gear than you and earn hearts for every kill for a total of 20!

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Berserker starts with a stone sword and a potion of instant health I. The Berserker only spawns with 7 hearts. Killing a player will give the Berserker an additional heart (File:Full_heart.png) until you reach a maximum of 15 total hearts. Once you have reached 15 hearts, you can gain 5 more (max of 20) by killing your opponent with a melee weapon only (no bow). Each kill after 15 hearts will only add half a heart (File:Half_heart.png), meaning the last 5 hearts will take 10 kills to reach. Dying removes 5 hearts (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.png). You will not lose hearts on class change or disconnection, however, dying on other classes will still cause you to lose 5 hearts (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.png) from Berserker.

You will deal more damage to enemies that have better armor than you. This is calculated based on your armour value (MAX 20) which is indicated by the armor icons above your hearts. The extra damage done is the difference between your armor value and your opponents, divided by 2.5.


  • At max power, gains an extra 10 more hearts than any other class (except Defender).
  • Extra damage inflicted to those with more armor points than yourself regardless of enchantments.


  • Starting with 7 hearts leaves you at a considerable disadvantage to others early on.
  • The last 5 hearts can only be gained with melee kills, putting you at greater risk when compared to long ranged kills.

Tips & Tactics

  • Using a bow is a good way to gain hearts early.
  • Go to mid early in game to get easy kills before people are prepared.
  • This class is great for strength rushes, as you can last twice as long.
  • Try to defend early phase 2 so you can get hearts. Most players only want to hit nexuses rather than killing the defenders.
  • If you are particularly good at pvp, you will kill quicker by wearing no armour and using a powerful sword.

Video Review

Parts of this review are now out of date!