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* Great counter to bow spammers.
* Great counter to bow spammers.
* Spawns with a shovel.
* Spawns with a shovel.
* Stealthy class that can be used to get into an enemy nexus without being seen.
* The leap can be a powerful ability if timed right.
* The leap can be a powerful ability if timed right.

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You are the shadow.

Use your ability to leap forward while gaining speed and invisibility for 6 seconds.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

Use the feather to 'Leap' and turn invisible. Using Leap will give you speed, invisibility and immunity to arrows for six seconds, as well as no fall damage. During your six seconds, you will appear to have no armor and will be invulnerable to arrows, making it a good class in rushes. This ability has a cooldown of 40 seconds. Your leap can launch you up 15 blocks standing on the ground, 16 blocks if you jump and use leap. It can also launch you about 5-20 blocks horizontal(depending on what angel you are looking).

Your offhand item is hidden during the six seconds.


  • Great way to save yourself from fall damage.
  • Fantastic escape class as the invisibility even hides your armor.
  • Great counter to bow spammers.
  • Spawns with a shovel.
  • The leap can be a powerful ability if timed right.


  • While invisible you have no armor, leaving you extremely vulnerable.
  • The invisibility will not mask the item you are currently holding, including the feather of 'Leap' or the arrows which are sticking in your body.

Tips & Tactics

  • Have an empty slot in your hotbar near your feather, so after use you can become completely invisible. Your hand item is NOT hidden.
  • Having the StatusEffectHUD mod can be useful in seeing how long your buffs will last without having to open your inventory screen.
  • While invisible and you are hit you will become visible but your armor will NOT come back until your buffs have ended, as well as you take full true damage hit if you get revealed. So if you get hit try to run until your armor reappears.
  • It you're going to PVP with the class it is recommended to have an empty slot on both sides of your feather, and have a sword or melon on each side of the empty slot so you don't need to switch through two items to attack.
  • Bring a gold pickaxe and leap over the enemy walls to do serious nexus damage.

Video Review

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