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Armor are equipable items that serve to protect the player against damage. Each armor point (half a chestplate) gives a 4% damage reduction.

Note that the durability number is for an undamaged armor piece. Armor found in chests will always be damaged, typically if not always below half of its maximum durability.

Armor Available in MineZ

Name Image Protection Tier Max Durability
Leather Cap File:leather_helmet.png File:half_armor.png I 56
Leather Tunic File:leather_chestplate.png File:full_armor.pngFile:half_armor.png I 81
Leather Pants File:leather_leggings.png File:full_armor.png I 76
Leather Boots File:leather_boots.png File:half_armor.png I 76
Chain Helmet File:chain_helmet.png File:full_armor.png II 165
Chain Chestplate File:chain_chestplate.png File:full_armor.pngFile:full_armor.png II 240
Chain Leggings File:chain_leggings.png File:full_armor.pngFile:half_armor.png II 225
Chain Boots File:chain_boots.png File:full_armor.png II 195
Iron Helmet File:iron_helmet.png File:full_armor.pngFile:half_armor.png III 165
Iron Chestplate File:iron_chestplate.png File:full_armor.pngFile:full_armor.pngFile:half_armor.png III 240
Iron Leggings File:iron_leggings.png File:full_armor.pngFile:full_armor.png III 225
Iron Boots File:iron_boots.png File:full_armor.pngFile:half_armor.png III 195
Gold Helmet File:gold_helmet.png File:full_armor.png II 78
Gold Chestplate File:gold_chestplate.png File:full_armor.pngFile:full_armor.pngFile:half_armor.png II 113
Gold Leggings File:gold_leggings.png File:full_armor.pngFile:half_armor.png II 106
Gold Boots File:gold_boots.png File:half_armor.png II 92

Special Armor

Name Image Notes
Pumpkin Head Pumpkin head.png Found in Special Halloween chests in Halloween, reduces visibility and contains other spooky effects. Also rewarded in Events.
Player Head File:player_head.png Killing a player on the northern sections of the map has a small chance of dropping their head. Different types of heads can be obtained from Events.
Zombie Head Zombie head.png Dropped by Giants. Reduces visibility around Zombies.


Durability is the amount of damage each piece of armor can absorb before being destroyed.

  • Each normal hit from a mob (including players) subtracts 1 durability points.
  • All other damage sources usually take 3 points, except cacti, which only takes 1.
  • Falling damage, drowning damage, or poison damage does not affect armor.


  • The top "tiers" of armor can be found by making the hazardous trip to midmap or northern regions of the map. However decent chainmail armor and other supplies may be found in some southern locations.
  • Leather armor can be dyed with healing ointment, cocoa beans, and antibiotics. Retired dyes such as lapis lazuli, or event dyes can also be used to color leather armor.
  • Dyed leather armor, along with gold armor and iron armor, is awarded in Events. This is the only method of obtaining gold armor.
  • Aside from player and zombie heads, it was formerly possible to obtain skeleton skulls from Ghost Ship. It is still possible to obtain skeleton skulls called "Sealing Skull" by collecting them from the Hall of Shadows in Shrine of the Dusk and disconnecting from the server with them in your inventory.