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Armor are equipable items that serve to protect the player against damage. Each armor point (half a chestplate) gives a 4% damage reduction.

Note that the durability number is for an undamaged armor piece. You can display durability in game by pressing F3 and H. Armor found in chests will always be damaged, typically if not always below 40% of its maximum durability. If you find multiple pieces of the same armor you can repair them for higher durability. When enchanted items are repaired, any enchantments are lost. This does not apply to studded leather with studded leather and pristine chain with pristine chain or if you are using an ingot to repair iron armor.

Armor Available in MineZ

Name Image Protection Tier Max Durability
Leather Cap     1 56
Leather Tunic     1 81
Leather Pants     1 76
Leather Boots     1 66
Studded Leather Cap     1.5 56
Studded Leather Tunic     1.5 81
Studded Leather Pants     1.5 75
Studded Leather Boots     1.5 65
Chain Helmet      2 165
Chain Chestplate      2 240
Chain Leggings      2 225
Chain Boots      2 195
Pristine Chain Helmet      2.5 165
Pristine Chain Chestplate      2.5 240
Pristine Chain Leggings      2.5 225
Pristine Chain Boots      2.5 195
Iron Helmet      3 165
Iron Chestplate      3 240
Iron Leggings      3 225
Iron Boots      3 195

Enchanted Armor Available in MineZ

Name Enchantment Image Protection Tier Max Durability Location Found
Iron Helmet Projectile Protection I      3 66 Agni Ignis
Iron Boots Projectile Protection I      3 78 Agni Ignis
Iron Helmet Respiration I      3 66 Wind Spire
Iron Chestplate Fire Protection IV      3 96 Fire Spire
Iron Leggings Depth Strider I      3 90 Water Spire
Iron Boots Feather Falling IV      3 78 Earth Spire

Legacy Armor

Name Image Protection Tier Max Durability
Gold Helmet     2 78
Gold Chestplate       2 113
Gold Leggings      2 106
Gold Boots     2 92
Reinforced Iron Helmet      3.5 66
Reinforced Iron Chestplate      3.5 96
Reinforced Iron Leggings      3.5 90
Reinforced Iron Boots      3.5 78

Special Armor

Name Image Effects/Abilities
Pumpkin Head   Found in Special Halloween chests during Halloween, reduces visibility and contains other spooky effects. Also rewarded from Events.
Player Head   Killing a player on the northern sections of the map has a small chance of dropping their head. Different types of heads can be obtained from Events.
Zombie Head   Rarely dropped by Giants. Reduces visibility around Zombies.


Durability is the amount of damage each piece of armor can absorb before being destroyed.

  • Each normal hit from a mob (including players) subtracts 1 durability points.
  • All other damage sources usually take 3 points, except cacti, which only takes 1.
  • Falling damage, drowning damage, or poison damage does not affect armor.


  • The top "tiers" of armor can be found by making the hazardous trip to midmap or northern regions of the map. However decent chainmail armor and other supplies may be found in some southern locations.
  • In the past, leather armor could be dyed with several dyes such as healing ointment, cocoa beans, antibiotics, lapis lazuli, and bonemeal.
  • Dyed leather armor, along with gold armor and iron armor, is awarded in Events. This is the only method of obtaining gold armor.
  • Aside from player and zombie heads, it was formerly possible to obtain skeleton skulls from Ghost Ship. It used to be possible to obtain skeleton skulls called "Sealing Skull" by collecting them from the Hall of Shadows in Shrine of the Dusk and disconnecting from the server with them in your inventory.
  • Special heads are used as rewards; designed heads from events made to look like a special object such as a camera, die, or snowman for example, are given to winners on occasion.
  • Enchanted iron piece from the spires can be repaired to full durability using the iron dropped by the Rampaging Golem.
  • Protection I iron armor can be found at the end of Zerbia Depths.
  • There are legendary armor pieces that can be found as the reward in some dungeons.