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A collection of various tips and strategies used to help players when first starting out, or to help them further reach their full potential. Check the links in the explanations to get a clear idea of how to use these tactics.

Offensive Strategies

  • Tp rushing - A very old but still very useful tactic in Annihilation is setting a tp to an enemy base. This allows your team to either flood an enemy base with a bunch of leathers or bring a coordinated group with pots. TP rushing is often combined with skybridge rushing as it allows you to quickly get above an enemy base. A good map to use this tactic on is Castles, as the roof allows for many good tp spots! On most maps you can set a teleporter inside one of the towers closeby the nexus area to get your team really close to the enemy nexus.
  • Skybridge rushing - skybridge rushing is a tactic that is often used on maps with an open nexus as it allows you to quickly get inside an enemy base. You start by making a bridge really high up in the air and start building towards an enemy base. If possible it is smart to go the builder or lumberjack class as you need a lot of building materials. Bring a launchpad consisting of for example an ironblock and a stone pressureplate, and set a tp to the skybridge and your team can easily get inside an enemy nexus! The launchpad allows you to jump off the skybridge without taking falldamage if you reach the ground within a certain amount of time.
  • Riftwalker rushing - In the last few years, riftwalker rushing has become a very popular tactic. Have one of your teammates run to an enemy nexus with an invis potion or as a vampire / assassin and use the riftwalker ability to rift yourself with up to 3 others to your teammate. Bring good gear and strength potions and if executed properly, you will be teleported to your teammate inside an enemy base with good gear and potions. You cannot rift within an enemy proximity though. Another popular strategy is to get golden pickaxes and bows in phase 1 and riftwalker rush a bunch of leather to an enemy nexus. This tactic works really well on Canyon and Andorra for example.
  • Vampire rushing - Since vampire received the ability to transform into batform, vampire rushing as a leather with golden pickaxes has become a very popular tactic. In phase 1 you mine yourself some gold and smelt it to craft the pickaxes. When phase 2 starts and it is night you take a golden pickaxe and fly to the enemy base as a bat. In batform you can reach an enemy nexus very quickly, which makes this tactic pretty good when there are no defenders. The tactic is most used on maps with an open nexus like Skylands and Cronos but it is also good on maps like Hamlet, Andorra and Canyon. On those maps try to fly behind / near the nexus entrance.
  • Assassin rushing - Similar to how vampire rushing works, you start off by mining a good amount of gold to provide plenty of gold pickaxes throughout the game. At the start of phase 2 you take one of your pickaxes, change to assassin and work towards an enemy base as a leather. When you are near the enemy base it might be smart to take advantage of the terrain, try to make a tunnel or use existing trees / other ways to get closer to the nexus building and try to not get spotted. The assassin class gives you 6 seconds of invisibility and speed while leaping you towards your pov. This should allow you to easily get inside an enemy nexus without being spotted. Assassin Rushing is a very useful tactic to deal the last couple of damage against an enemy nexus, even when there are guards. Just try to leap past them and do a few hits per rush. You could try doing this with a small group, so your teammates can guard you. This tactic works very well on maps like Coastal, Canyon & Andorra.
  • Hit & Run - Hit & Run is a very old tactic that still works surprisingly well. The idea behind the tactic is that you get yourself some good gear and a good pickaxe. It is best to do this tactic with some friends. Get yourself full iron and a good sword and one of you should have a good pickaxe. When you are ready change to a mobility class like acrobat / scout / assassin and get inside an enemy nexus. You try to do as much damage as you can without any one of you dying. When one of you is nearly death you want to run away from the nexus and try to get to safety. Once you are save and full health again you return to the enemy base to repeat this process. This tactic works best on maps with an open nexus that allow you to easily get away. Good maps to perform a Hit & Run on are Andorra, Amazon & Cronos.
  • Invis Handyman - Another commonly used tactic is to get yourself a bunch of gold in phase 1 and then use this gold to prepare potions of invisibility. When it turns phase 2 you change to the handyman class, grab yourself a potion and a golden pickaxe and you start running towards an enemy base. Because of the invisibility it should be quite easy to get to the enemy nexus without being spotted. Once you are ready at the enemy nexus you put your leather gear back on and start mining their nexus. The handyman class has the passive ability to have a chance at restoring your own nexus health by damaging an enemy nexus. In phase 2 there is a 25% chance per hit to restore your own health, in phase 3 this becomes 20% and in phase 4 and 5 this will decrease even further. Because of this it is best to start as early as possible. This strategy is nice because it both lowers the enemy teams nexus health and increases your own nexus health.
  • A common tactic clans / groups of friends like to use is to get resources in phase 1 & 2. They usually aim to get the iron blocks and diamond block at mid and use the rest of the time to mine gold and upgrade their gear. In phase 3 when the diamonds spawn at mid it is smart to set a transporter to mid and bring a bard or tinkerer. These supportive classes can really help your team take control of certain area's in the game. Bringing a fortune 3 pickaxe to mid while having regeneration from a bard and a tp nearby can really help your team get an advantage over mid. After the diamonds have been secured and you have geared up both yourself and your friends it is time to start working towards potions. Setting a tp to the Boss Portals can help your team gain control of the boss area and secure the boss buff. In the meanwhile you could ask others to start brewing potions as alchemist to get the best effects possible. The combination of full diamond gear together with the alchemist potions is very strong and is a commonly used tactic. In order to get to the enemy nexus you could either run there, rift towards a so-called 'runner', this is a person you sent to the enemy base with either invisibility or a good mobility class. You could also set a tp or use any of the various other methods of transportation. Once arrived you simply splash your potions, try to get within the base and hold down the nexus area till their nexus dies.

Defensive Strategies

Unorthodox Strategies

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