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Shops exist to sell you items, some of which cannot be obtained otherwise. The currency for shops is Gold, which is obtained by mining and smelting Gold Ore.

Brewing Shop Weapon Shop
Item Name Cost
File:Brewing_stand.png Private Stand 10
File:Empty_bottle.png 3 Glass Bottles 1
File:Nether_wart.png Nether Wart 5
File:Redstone_dust.png Redstone 3
File:Fermented_spider_eye.png Fermented Spider Eye 3
File:Magma_cream.png Magma Cream 2
File:Sugar.png Sugar 2
File:Glistering_melon.png Glistering Melon 2
File:Ghast_tear.png Ghast Tear 15
File:Golden_carrot.png Gold Carrot 2
File:Spider_eye.png Spider eye 2
File:Blaze_powder.png Blaze Powder (Phase 4) 15
Item Name Cost
File:Iron_helmet.png Iron Helmet 3
File:Iron_chestplate.png Iron Chestplate 6
File:Iron_leggings.png Iron Leggings 4
File:Iron_boots.png Iron Boots 3
File:Iron_sword.png Iron Sword 4
File:Bow.png Bow 1
File:Arrow.png 16 Arrows 5
File:Cake.png Cake 1
File:Steak.png 10 Steak 5
File:Cobweb.png Cobweb 5
File:Bottle_o'_enchanting.png Bottle O' Enchanting 4
File:Ender_pearl.png Ender Pearl 35
File:Milk.png Milk 5
File:Iron_door.png Team Door 10

File:Iron_door.pngTeam Door:

  • You purcase as a Iron Door when in hand. But when placed, turns into 2 glass panes of your teams color.
  • Only team members can pass through it.
  • Cannot be placed within 8 blocks on another friendly team door. Cannot be placed within 3 blocks of an enemy team door.
  • Can be broken and collected by enenmies but will be given mining fatigue on hit for 5 seconds. Can be also broken by team mates but the door will be returned to the person who placed it
  • The two blocks that you're teleported to after entering a door must be non-solid and the block directly below where you're teleported to must be solid

Potion Costs

All potion costs are calculated without Redstone's cost in mind, as almost all maps contain a Redstone mine, making it completely free. They also do not include the cost of the Private Stand as Alchemist contains a completely free Private Stand. If you wish to add either, for Redstone, add 3 more gold; for Private Stand, add 10 more gold.

Gunpowder and Glowstone are only available by killing the Witch and should be kept in mind when making any of these potions. However, certain makes do have glowstone blocks you can break for dust.

Enhanced Potions are only available through the Alchemist class.

Potion Set of Potions Single Enhanced Potion Set of Enhanced Potions
Fire Resistance 8 File:Gold_ingot.png Not Applicable Not Applicable
Health 8 File:Gold_ingot.png Not Applicable Not Applicable
Invisibility 11 File:Gold_ingot.png 13 File:Gold_ingot.png 17 File:Gold_ingot.png
Night Vision 8 File:Gold_ingot.png Not Applicable Not Applicable
Regeneration 21 File:Gold_ingot.png 36 File:Gold_ingot.png 66 File:Gold_ingot.png
Speed 8 File:Gold_ingot.png 10 File:Gold_ingot.png 14 File:Gold_ingot.png
Strength 21 File:Gold_ingot.png 36 File:Gold_ingot.png 66 File:Gold_ingot.png
Harming 11 File:Gold_ingot.png Not Applicable Not Applicable
Poison 8 File:Gold_ingot.png 10 File:Gold_ingot.png 14 File:Gold_ingot.png
Slowness 11 File:Gold_ingot.png 14 File:Gold_ingot.png 20 File:Gold_ingot.png
Weakness 4 File:Gold_ingot.png 7 File:Gold_ingot.png 13 File:Gold_ingot.png