Aeternalis Crypt

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A picture of the Arrow Catch room inside of the dungeon.

Aeternalis Crypt is a dungeon located beneath Aeternalis Cathedral. The entrance is a staircase found at the south end of the cathedral interior. The Crypt is comprised of a few puzzles and some parkour; coming prepared with friends, chain armor and several potions is recommended.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (3915, -540)
Difficulty: 4.8/10
Number of Chests: 16
Dungeon Type: Tier 2
Zombie Content: Very High - Zombie Spawners
Parkour Content: Medium
Puzzle/Trap Content: High
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: Bow and Arrows

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table

New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand

Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Wooden chest.png Dungeon Chests 16
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 2
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items

Dungeon Chest Loot

Name Image Spawn Rate
Chain Helmet
(Projectile Protection I)
Enchanted Chain Helmet HD.gif 7.0%
Chain Chestplate
(Projectile Protection I)
Enchanted Chain Chestplate HD.gif 7.0%
Chain Leggings
(Projectile Protection I)
Enchanted Chain Leggings HD.gif 7.0%
Chain Boots
(Projectile Protection I)
Enchanted Chain Boots HD.gif 7.0%
Chain Helmet Chain helmet.png 4.0%
Chain Chestplate Chain chestplate.png 4.0%
Chain Leggings Chain leggings.png 4.0%
Chain Boots Chain boots.png 4.0%
Iron Sword Iron sword.png 7.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 5.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite I, Knockback I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 3.0%
Bow Bow.png 6.0%
(Power I)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 4.0%
5 Arrows Arrow5.png 5.0%
Iron Axe Iron axe.png 5.0%
Potion of Healing I Potion Drink Health.gif 6.0%
Splash Potion of Healing I Potion Splash Health.gif 6.0%
4 Melons Melon4.png 6.0%
Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin pie.png 3.0%

Loot Chests

  • Alcove, First Room
    • 1 dungeon_tier_1
  • Top of Parkour Tower
    • 1 dungeon_tier_1
  • Shelf After Arrow Room
    • 1 dungeon_tier_1
  • Loot Room:
    • 8_dungeon_tier_2
    • 4_dungeon_tier_3

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Flail Gold sword.png Gradually deals increased true damage based on the user's health (deals 0.5 hearts at full health and up to 2.5 hearts if the user is at 4 hearts or less).
Truth Bow Bow.png Gives the player shot Glowing I for 10 seconds and marks them for the duration at full charge, at the cost of 3 durability. Marked players take 15% more melee damage from players. The wielder is given slowness II for 10 seconds after shooting.

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Staircase (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • Walk into the crypt and follow the winding path to the next room. Stick to the path to find the door.
    • Portions of this room can be skipped by jumping from the bridges and landing on cobwebs below.

Burial Room (Difficulty: 2/10)

  • Two wooden buttons can be seen on the other side of the room. Shoot the buttons to create a short parkour segment; jump to the other side before the arrows despawn.
  • In case of falling, follow either hallway to the left or right and open the door to return to the start of the room.
  • Continue through the hallway to the next room.

Parkour Tower (Difficulty: 4/10)

  • This room contains timed parkour comparable to Necromancer Tower.
  • Press the wooden button on the center tower to make the first parkour segment appear. Quickly parkour around the side of the wall until the farthest visible chiseled quartz block is reached.
    • Shoot through the center tower to hit another wooden button. This creates the next parkour section and resets the timer for the previous section.
  • After reaching the farthest visible chiseled quartz block, look through the tower once more, there will be two wooden buttons:
    • The button on the left reveals the last section of the parkour and resets the timer for the previous two sections.
    • The button on the right spawns a skeleton behind the player in an effort to knock them down to the start of the room.
  • After falling, don't try to get up right away. When the timer is up anyone near the center tower receives blindness and two Broken Legs spawn at the bottom of the room.
    • Go to the room right of the entrance and jump onto the casket along the back wall. This spot is outside the blindness radius and is safe from the Broken Legs.

Burial Hallway (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • After completing the parkour take a right and follow the path forward.
    • Watch out for pressure plates on the floor as nearby dispensers will fire arrows when pressed!
  • Reenter the hallway from above and continue ahead.
  • At the end of the hallway is a steep drop with water and cobwebs below. Drop down to progress.
    • Drink up! This is the only viable water refill in this dungeon.

Arrow Catch (Difficulty: 5/10)

  • The objective of this room is to catch arrows to stop them from hitting wooden buttons on the opposite wall.
  • Difficulty in this room depends on the number of people in the group.
    • Two people are required for this room as some arrows are shot far enough apart that one person can't feasibly reach them in time alone.
  • To start the room push the button near the entrance.
    • Lamps above dispensers will light up momentarily before firing an arrow from their respective dispenser.
    • Stand in front of the arrows to catch them.
    • The order in which the arrows are fired is seen below:

The order the arrows are fired in the Arrow Catch room.

  • Failing to stop an arrow will give all players blindness and spawn four Lost Knights.
  • It is recommended to start drinking a potion as each arrow is fire as this allows breathing room to move to the next arrow shot.

Burial Hallway (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • Follow the path until a door is reached.
    • Make sure to regroup before attempting the next room!

Slow Door Escape (Difficulty: 5/10)

  • The objective of this room is to avoid traps (indicated by pressure plates) and clear a slowly closing door at the end of the room.
    • Traps inflict wither, slowness, and instant damage to slow you down.
  • There is only enough time to make it from the starting door to the exit if every trap is avoided.
    • This means being snagged by a trap will force a restart.
    • It is recommended to take turns completing this room or have all but one person reach the end of the room first (this would mean only one person actually has to complete the room normally).
  • If the door can't be reached before it closes drop into a small pool of water found in the middle of the room.
    • Press the button to spawn a Fallen Hero and open a door returning to the hallway that leads to the start of the room.

Hallway & Burial Room (Difficulty: 2/10)

  • Climb the broken wall and press the button. This opens the door ahead and spawns a Lost Knight in the middle of the room.
  • Just beyond the door is a small jump - falling here drops the player in the area just after the Arrow Catch room forcing a repeat of the Slow Door Escape room.
  • At the end of the hallway shoot two wooden buttons on two opposite caskets in the second floor corridors.
    • This opens a room with several graves and a button. Pushing this button opens the way forward and spawns four Peasants from the graves.
    • If this door closes (because the arrows despawned) press the button to the left of the door to reopen it momentarily.
  • Proceed through the now open hole in the exposed cavern wall.

Pillar Parkour (Difficulty: 4/10)

  • Continue down the tunnel and climb up the ledge to find an open cavern area with several decayed pillars.
  • Parkour across the pillars to reach the end of the room.
    • Unlike the Parkour Tower this room is not timed. Use this time to take each jump carefully!
  • There is a way back up near the entrance of the room along the wall in case of falling.

Loot Room & Exit (Difficulty: 2/10)

  • Congratulations on completing Aeternalis Crypt!
    • After collecting the loot and picking up the legendaries, find the pressure plate on the second floor which reveals the way out.
    • Follow the piston parkour up the cavern to return to the entrance of the dungeon and exit the instance.

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Because different rooms force the use of potions it is suggested to loot the potions that spawn in Aeternalis Cathedral before attempting this dungeon.


  • There are three buttons located throughout the Crypt. Pressing them all will unlock a Dungeon Rare and an extra Dungeon Uncommon in the Loot Room.
    • These buttons are found on smooth stone blocks. Be careful, there are decoy buttons which spawn Living Bones when pressed.
    • Pressing the first button shows the chat message: "You hear a muffled crashing in the distance...". Pressing the second one shows the chat message: "You hear a loud creaking in the distance...". Pressing the third button shows the chat message: "You hear a faint rumble in the distance..."
  • The head of wmn can be found in an inaccessible room opposite of the door before the Slow Escape Room; wmn and Vreals built the current iteration of this dungeon.
  • This dungeon was redone with the release of the MineZ Pre-Origins Update and was changed due to a broken command sign plugin breaking the previous version. A video walkthrough of the old version can be found here.