沙漠峡谷圣所Desert Canyon Sanctuary

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Desert Canyon Sanctuary 是土神的精英地牢. 它代表着土神Therum. 最少需要2名玩家,但建议至少有 4 名玩家。地牢位于沙漠东部,是访问量最少的地牢之一(由于其位置和难度)。 Therum传说套装可以在这里获得。 地牢有许多不同的挑战,许多都是致命的。它们包括一个漆黑的迷宫、熔岩跑酷、铁栏跑酷、波次室、尖塔跑酷室和一个投掷 TNT 的BOSS房。玩家应该准备好许多药水、雪球和具有良好耐久度的铁甲。防火药水在这个地牢非常有用,如果玩家掉入熔岩中可以救命。波次室基本需要手榴弹。

与其他精英副本相比,DCS的跑酷量适中,僵尸多。这个地牢其他精英地牢Paluster ShrineFrostbain Catacombs更难。萌新必须单独完成跑酷,不能被带飞。像尖顶房间这样的房间如果没有掉落保护靴子是致命的,如果没有铁棒跑酷,没有抗火药水肯定会死。 强烈建议让老玩家带领萌新进入这个地牢,因为几乎不可能盲目地通关。

坐标: (3050, -2150)
难度: 8.8/10
战利品箱数: 27
地牢类型: 5级地牢——土神精英地牢
怪物级别: 极高 - 僵尸僵尸猪人
跑酷难度: 很高
谜题难度: 很高
最少玩家数: 2
特殊需求: 弓、箭、废弃物

Water bottle.png
Crafting TableHD.png 工作台
New FarmHD2.png 作物

Brewing stand.png 酿造台
Lit Furnace HD.png 点燃的熔炉

Wooden chest.png 地牢宝箱 27
Iron sword.png 传说物品

Iron chestplate.png 精英传说物品 2
Agnis seal.png Agni的封印

Pluvias seal.png Pluvia的封印

Simoons seal.png Simoon的封印

Therums seal.png Therum的封印
Enchanted Regular Book.gif 封印之书

Origin Stone.png 起源之石


名称 图标 生成概率
Enchanted Iron Boots HD.gif 4.0%
喷溅缓慢I(45s) Potion Splash Slowness.gif 5.0%
铁头盔 Iron helmet.png 7.0%
铁胸甲 Iron chestplate.png 7.0%
铁护腿 Iron leggings.png 7.0%
铁鞋 Iron boots.png 7.0%
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 7.0%
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 6.0%
手榴弹 Ender pearl.png 4.0%

Enchanted Bow HD.gif 7.0%

Enchanted Bow HD.gif 6.0%
15 * 箭 Arrow15.png 5.0%
治疗 II Potion Drink Health.gif 7.0%
喷溅治疗 II Potion Splash Health.gif 6.0%
熟猪排 Cooked porkchop.png 4.0%
火药 Gunpowder.png 3.0%
Fishing rod.png 4.0%


  • 绿洲
    • 3 4级地牢宝箱
    • 4 常见食物箱
  • 战利品房
    • 20 5级地牢宝箱

Desert Canyon Sanctuary精英传说物品

名称 图标 备注 生成几率
Therum's Strength Iron sword.png 每次攻击有20%的概率使使用者获得生命恢复I(4s) 33.3%
Therum's Power Bow.png 以3支箭和4点耐久为代价,使玩家射中的护甲耐久值降低20%。 33.3%
Therum's Force Water bottle.png 有30%的几率使穿戴者在被击中时获得生命恢复I(5s),消耗3点耐久。 11.1%
Therum's Might Iron chestplate.png 给予使用者抵抗III和缓慢III(30S) 22.2%

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Entrance (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • Walk under the great arch to enter the dungeon's instance.
  • From there, walk up the stairs, align with the water below, and jump down.
    • This fall is unsurvivable without combining a variety of special items. Do not miss the water.
    • It is possible to jump from a lower point on the staircases to the large pillars, then onto the fence surrounding the drop. This is about 2 seconds faster than taking the stairs.
  • It's recommended that the group taking Section A continues first.

Section A

Note: Section A and B must be completed to continue!

Room A1 (Difficulty: 3/10)

  • Stand on the pressure plate straight ahead on the left side and go through the revealed path. There are many zombie and pigman spawners, so be quick.

Room A2 (Difficulty: 7/10)

  • Here, there will be parkour over lava with some moderate difficulty jumps. Most are fatal if failed, however, there is a ladder to climb up in the far corner of the room at the hardest jump. Complete the parkour. Once finished, look for a button on a wooden pillar on the ceiling. Shooting it will open up the next room.
    • It is recommended to shoot this button while still a few jumps away from finishing the parkour - the ending platform with the door is within the radius of several pigman spawners. Furthermore, players should wait for Side B to almost be done with their side before continuing.

Room A3 (Difficulty: 5/10)

  • This is just a small corridor with many zombie spawners and cobwebs. Run through it and throw an item on the pressure plate at the back of the hallway, being wary of getting hit by pigmen and getting stuck. From here, wait for Group B to continue. Both groups need to place an item on their plate to advance.

Section B

Note: Section A and B must be completed to continue!

Room B1 (Difficulty: 3/10)

  • Stand on the pressure plate straight ahead on the south side and go through the revealed path. There are many zombie and pigman spawners, so be quick.

Room B2 (Difficulty: 7/10)

  • Here, there is a rather elaborate coal block maze with many zombie spawners. Navigate through it and throw an item on the pressure plate at the end. Continue along with Group A. There are many zombie and pigman spawners in here. Getting lost will drain potions and likely result in death. Memorize the maze before entering.

Section C (After A and B)

Cavern Parkour Room (Difficulty: 8/10)

  • This is a large parkour room that takes place in a canyon. It contains jumps that are almost certainly fatal if failed, and it is highly recommended to have Feather Falling boots. Complete the parkour to continue.
    • Even with Feather falling boots, a fall from the near top is fatal. However, full pristine chain + feather falling boots will save a fall even from the very top, landing a player on the bottom on one heart.

Split Room (Difficulty: 7/10)

  • This is a mostly puzzle-based room that requires the group to split up and go two ways. Have at least one person go in the left (meteor) side, run past pigmen spawners, jump in the lava at the furthest point in the room (there is a sign pointing where the player should jump), and throw an item on the pressure plate. Once they do this, an exit for them will open and they must sprint back to the main room.
  • Likewise, send at least one person into the right room, consisting of many skeleton skulls. Press the stone button behind a wither skeleton skull to be teleported. Throw an item on the pressure plate, and press the WOODEN button to get teleported back into the intersection. This must be done for a total of three buttons. Pressing the wither skull button in the small rooms spawn a pigman.
  • When all three pressure plates have an item on them, a door in the room with the three skeleton skulls opens. Step on this pressure plate, and sprint back to the intersection so you and your team can proceed by going down a hallway that has opened up.

Oasis Room (Difficulty: 2/10)

  • This is a small peaceful room with a water refill. Be sure to kill any zombies that have followed here from the previous section. There are also 7 chests in here which are great for restocking on food and potions. There are 5 hidden pressure plates scattered throughout. Throw an item on each and a hole will open in the middle of the lake. Go through it to continue.
    • There is a crafting table in one of the huts in this room.

Tightrope over Lava Room (Difficulty: 8/10)

  • Here, there is timed lava parkour involving iron bars. Shoot the button on the stalactite on the ceiling and iron bars will appear, making the parkour possible. Go onto the iron bars, as the area in front of the bars will disappear slowly. While doing the parkour, fire charges will be shooting at the player. Complete the parkour and continue to the next room.
    • The entrance to the parkour will close after a few seconds, yet the door at the end will not. As long as everybody in the group is attempting the parkour when the timer runs out, they will be able to continue.
    • Be careful of the cobweb jumps. Jumping too early means falling down the cobwebs.
    • To do it safely, wait until all 5 waves of fireballs have passed, then do the parkour without a time constraint. Wait on the iron bars near the beginning.
    • Don't fall into the 1x1 lava holes while heading to the next room!

Mob Run Room (Difficulty: 6/10)

  • This room is a simple sprint to the other end. It is littered with 1x1 lava holes and zombie pigman spawners, so be quick. From there, do the lava parkour on the other side, being careful of any pigmen as they can swim in the lava. At the end, jump into the hole on the right. The hole on the left leads into a deadly lava pit.

Wave Room (Difficulty: 7/10)

  • This is a wave room with 5 waves, the first four consisting of many zombies and the last one consisting of many pigmen. When done with the Wave Room, there is an easy parkour challenge that leads to the Boss Room.
  • The easiest way to do this room is by having one person attracting all zombies and then using a grenade.

Boss Room (Difficulty: 9/10)

  • There will be a large room with a lava pit in the middle. Press the button on the iron block to begin. From there, obtain a "cannon round" (TNT Block) from one of the 3 droppers scattered around the room, starting with the left, then the right, then the back. Once the cannon round is picked up, throw it into the hopper and TNT will fall from the ceiling clockwise. The TNT will do no damage to players or zombies, so be wary of being pulled into the pit. Repeat this for 7 more waves, each longer than the last.
  • Collect the 9th TNT, throw it into the hopper, and enjoy the firework and the sounds which symbolize that the Boss Room has been beaten. From there, a door on the far side of the room will open to the Boss Room Exit.

Boss Room Exit (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • Enter quickly as zombies and pigmen can still follow. Once inside, there will be a button. Click it and the floor will give way beneath the player. They'll be sent into free fall and teleported before the boss room.

Loot Room (Difficulty: 0/10)

  • The player will drop down into a pool of water.
  • Loot the area and leave through the hallway opposite the entrance.
    • There are chests on every platform, so make sure to check everywhere. The exit is on the south side, don't go there before looting all the chests.

Exit (Difficulty: 0/10)

  • From here, follow the south passage out of the dungeon and make sure to pick up the legendaries on the way out.
  • The player will be teleported north of the entrance.
  • Congratulations on successfully beating Desert Canyon Sanctuary!


  • The location seems to resemble Petra, an ancient city located in Jordan.
  • The old mountain and entrance were a build submission, done by Kuffmine. Link to the Reddit post here.
  • The dungeon has had three exterior renovations. The first was with stone bricks and glass, the second was with nether brick, and the third was to match the rebuild of the surrounding terrain in the Origins update. The original exterior was added back for April Fools 2018.
  • Desert Canyon Sanctuary was among three elite dungeons released in the Secret Update after very long development times - along with Shrine of the Dusk and Paluster Shrine.
  • There used to be a bug with the TNT in the boss room. If right clicked when held, it would be consumed and act like a Cannon Round (looted from Zerbia Depths. This will break the dungeon however.


Before you rests the sanctuary of Therum, goddess of Earth.

This canyon serves as a reminder of the slow, yet powerful rage of Therum, formed over an incomprehensible amount of time.

Any who enter this sacred place besmirch the name of this vengeful goddess, who so long ago vanished from these lands.

Now these halls sit dormant, yet its secrets linger on…