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===Lore Block===
===Lore Block===
* There's a [[Lore|Lore Block]] inside the dungeon:
* There's a [[Lore|Lore Block]] inside the dungeon:
{{loreblock|lore=Dedicated to the God, Pluvia, only a select few were allowed deep below the great tree to gaze upon this Shrine.<br>
这棵树的根系自由生长,将隐藏在Paluster下的巨大石殿一分为二。 就像 Pluvia 对智慧的渴望一样,这棵树消耗了所有可用空间,摧毁纪念 Pluvia 的建筑。<br>
The root systems of this tree, growing freely, bisected the great stone temple hidden beneath Paluster. Like Pluvia’s yearning for wisdom, the tree consumed all available space, threatening to destroy that which was built to honor Pluvia.<br>
Pluvia 被封印时,这座地下神殿和大厅都被破坏了。 现在它作为陵殿存在,纪念着 Pluvia 的奇迹……以及那些在冰冻时被困的人.}}
When Pluvia was sealed this subterranean temple and its halls became corrupted. Now it exists as a mausoleum to the marvels of Pluvia…and those who were trapped when the ice froze.}}

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A picture taken in the Boss Room

Paluster Shrine, or sometimes referred to as "Paluster," is the Elite Dungeon of Water, dedicated to the God of Water, Pluvia. The dungeon can be accessed by entering through cracked ice north of the town of Paluster. The dungeon features a high zombie content, a large number of puzzles, and a small amount of parkour, though it's significantly easier compared to other Elite dungeons. Paluster Shrine is generally considered the easiest Elite dungeon and is a good dungeon to help newer players learn the mechanics of Elite dungeons.

To enter, players go under the ice and swim south, to a cave underneath Paluster. This swim is difficult without 1.13+, as players will likely take drowning damage. To avoid this, players can drop an apple into the pond in the middle of the town, which grants all nearby players a short duration of water breathing. Unlike Zerbia Depths, this isn't required.

The dungeon requires at least 2 players, but up to 5 players are recommended if players are new to the dungeon. Full iron armor, grenades, snowballs, and high durability smite swords are very helpful in this dungeon. Players should also bring a Power 2 bow without Punch, to help shoot Guardians in the boss room, which can be one-shot with a Power 2. It's also highly recommended to play this dungeon on Minecraft versions 1.13+ and above, to facilitate fast swimming through some of the more difficult parts of the dungeon. This dungeon is one of the few dungeons where Respiration helmets and Depth Strider pants can help significantly.

Paluster Shrine has many different trials and rooms, including an ice parkour entrance section, a swim through zombie-infested tunnels, a tunnel with many deadly pressure plates, towers that launch players upward, a water maze, and a boss room with special mobs, Guardians, which can deal heavy damage.

坐标: (-450, -1600)
难度: 7.4/10
战利品箱数: 25
地牢类型: Tier 4 - Elite Dungeon of Water
怪物级别: Very High - Zombie and Zombie Pigman Spawners
跑酷难度: Medium
谜题难度: Very High
最少玩家数: 2
特殊需求: Bow and Arrows

Water bottle.png
Crafting TableHD.png 工作台

New FarmHD2.png 作物

Brewing stand.png 酿造台

Lit Furnace HD.png 点燃的熔炉

Wooden chest.png 地牢宝箱 25
Iron sword.png 传说物品

Iron chestplate.png 精英传说物品 2
Agnis seal.png Agni的封印

Pluvias seal.png Pluvia的封印
Simoons seal.png Simoon的封印

Therums seal.png Therum的封印

Enchanted Regular Book.gif 封印之书

Origin Stone.png 起源之石

Dungeon Chest Loot

Name Image Spawn Rate
Iron Leggings
(Depth Strider I)
Enchanted Iron Leggings HD.gif 6.0%
Potion of Water Breathing (20s) Potion Drink Water Breathing.gif 6.0%
Iron Helmet Iron helmet.png 6.0%
Iron Chestplate Iron chestplate.png 6.0%
Iron Leggings Iron leggings.png 6.0%
Iron Boots Iron boots.png 6.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite III)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 7.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite III, Knockback I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 6.0%
Grenade Ender pearl.png 1.0%
(Power I)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 5.0%
(Power I, Punch I)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 4.0%
(Power II)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 5.0%
(Power II, Punch I)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 4.0%
15 Arrows Arrow15.png 4.0%
Splash Potion of Healing I Potion Splash Health.gif 3.0%
Potion of Healing II Potion Drink Health.gif 6.0%
Splash Potion of Healing II Potion Splash Health.gif 6.0%
Cooked Cod Cooked Fish.png 4.0%
Glowstone Dust Glowstone dust.png 2.0%
Weak Grapple
(3 uses)
Fishing rod.png 4.0%

Loot Chests

Root Tunnels

  • 3 dungeon_tier_3

Hall of Trials

  • 5 dungeon_tier_3

Loot Room

  • 17 dungeon_tier_4

Paluster Shrine Elite Legendaries

Name Image Notes Drop Chance
Pluvia's Storm Iron sword.png Has a 33% chance to give Hunger 16 to the player hit for 4 seconds. 33.3%
Pluvia's Rain Bow.png Gives Hunger 18 for 6 seconds to the player shot at the cost of 2 durability and 2 arrows. Requires a full charge. 33.3%
Pluvia's Tempest Iron chestplate.png Has an 8% chance to restore half a heart to the wearer when hit, at the cost of 2 durability. 11.1%
Pluvia's Hail Water bottle.png Gives the user Regeneration V for 2 seconds (6.5 hearts), restores 3 hunger bars to the user and fills the user's thirst. 22.2%

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough

Paluster (2/10)

  • Go underneath the town by entering through the cracks in the ice to the north of Paluster. The cave is south.
    • OPTIONAL: Drop an apple in the center of Paluster to receieve water breathing.
  • The entrance is where the wood blocks start. Wait for your team before entering.

Tunnel of Wood and Ice (3/10)

  • Sprint down the wooden area until you hit the ice, there are spawners in the wood tunnel, so be fast.
  • Parkour around the ice area, if you fall into the water, you will have to swim to the start.
  • You will then need to drop down into the next room. It's recommended to wait until everyone has made the parkour.
    • There's no spawners in this area, so you can take your time. The jumps don't deal damage if failed.

Root Room (3/10)

  • Make sure a person goes north and another goes east, there are holes in the wall when walked through lead to a pressure plate each. Both players have to stand on them at the same time.
    • The person going east will have to do some parkour.
  • This will open a door in the south which everyone should walk through before continuing.
  • DO NOT open the chest to the southwest, as it's trapped.
  • Press the button and enter the next room.

Root Tunnel and Ice Chamber (6/10)

  • After everyone goes through the doorway that has opened, wait at the next doorway, where a stone button sits on a wall.
    • Once this button is pressed, pigman spawners will become active in the root tunnel. Everyone has to run through.
  • Run through the tunnel and into the ice chamber. Continue to the south tunnel. Be careful, there are many pigman spawners in here.

Flooded Tunnel (8/10)

  • Run through this area over to the water, do not open the chest to the left as it will drop zombies on top of you.
  • Swim up the water, be careful as the zombies can hit you up or down. There is also a Zombie Pigman spawner at the bottom and top of the waterfall.
    • It is highly recommended to have snowballs ready, as players can easily die here.
  • Once at the top you will need to submerge and hit three wooden buttons with arrows to open an iron door. The door will only open when all buttons are actively shot.
  • There is a breathing hole on the ceiling near the door.
  • Walk through the iron door. You can sit in the door to regain air.
  • The next section is another flooded tunnel. Be fast, as there are many zombie and pigman spawners here. Keep running through the tunnel one you're out of the water.

Flooded Maze (6/10)

  • Swim along the left side of the maze. Make sure to keep moving, as there are many spawners. There's also 3 dungeon_tier_3 chests scattered throughout, though only 2 are in your path.
  • There will be a TRAPPED chest once you're almost to the end. Do not open this chest or multiple pigmen will blow up on you.
  • You'll arrive before the plate tunnel. There's a safe spot near the entrance, on the south wall. Wait here and kill any pigman and zombies that are behind.

Plate Tunnel (4/10)

  • Once at the entrance to this tunnel, there will be water flowing around pressure plates which will spawn zombies and potions of instant damage, weakness and poison II. Some also can spawn zombies.
  • Be careful not to hit any plates. The recommended path is to hug the south wall, jump over to the north side midway through, and then hug the north wall.
  • Do not drop down the next part until all players have made it through.
    • BE very careful, as zombies may come from behind and set off a ton of plates, causing many potions to fly.

Ice Chamber Revisited (6/10)

  • Drop down the tunnel, and run.
  • Run down the tunnel to the staircase and walk up it. Be careful, as there are MANY zombie pigman spawners there. Pigmen will almost certainly spawn, make sure to use snowballs.
  • At the top of the stairs is a wooden pressure plate inside a wall on the west side. Drop an item on it, and a door will open.
  • Go into the tower structure and use the piston launchers to get to the water pool.
    • The more players you have here, the harder this will be. Make sure to get up as fast as possible.

Mirror Tower (3/10)

  • On the southern end of the top of the tower, there are redstone lamps. Some of them are unlit.
  • Go to the other end and press the buttons corresponding to the unlit lamps on the other side.
  • Once all lamps are lit, drop down into the water in the hole on the south side and enter a hallway.
    • Don't linger too close to the waterfall, as zombie spawners are nearby.

Hall of Trials (1/10)

  • Once you have completed the Tower trial and jumped down you will need to walk down the corridor and enter the hall.
  • The trials can be done in any order, but it's recommended to do Trial One first.

Trail One (5/10)

  • At the top of the staircase are two small pools. In the south one is a hole. Swim down it, and hit the two stone buttons. Hit the one on the west one first, then the one on the east wall. The bookshelves then open.
    • A teammate can pop any pigs that aggro on the player who goes into this first trial.
  • Your team should go down the stairs and keep running to south side, where Trial Two awaits. Be fast, as there are many pigmen spawners.

Trial Two Entrance(3/10)

  • The trial can be entered by pressing a button in a pillar on the second level of the hall, up the stairs on the south side and to the left.
  • Once you have found the button press it and proceed, as the cobblestone will disappear. All players should then wait on the south wall to prevent zombie spawns.

Trial Two (8/10)

  • In this trial, someone will need to swim through tunnels of water with areas that can be opened up by a person on top pressing a button, which opens blocks.
  • The zombies can be entirely avoided as long as the person in the maze keeps sprinting. The suggested path is to head all the way south, then east, then north.
  • There is a button at the end of the maze which completes the trial and stops the zombie spawns, it is blocked by three other doors controlled by pressure plates elsewhere in the tunnels, you will have to step on all three plates before going to the button.
  • The best strategy is to plan out your preferred route before attempting.
  • Grenade all zombies when the room is completed.

Trial Three Entrance (2/10)

  • After dealing with all the zombies, sprint north. There will be another cobblestone wall. Shoot a wooden button to the West, which opens the door.
    • Be quick, as there are zombie pigmen spawners nearby.

Trial Three (5/10)

  • One person will need to navigate a maze with a small amount of parkour. They will have to swim up streams of water that are released by their teammates by standing on the iron pressure plates on the ground.
    • Items can be dropped onto the plates as well.
  • Only the pressure plates with the lights behind them will drop water on both levels.
  • This is a timed trial, but you'll have plenty of time.
  • If you fail at this trial, you will still need to complete it, however once you do 6 Pigman will spawn and you must redo the trial.
  • Once the player who is swimming presses a button, everyone will be teleported together. Run back south, and turn left near the middle of the hall.

Trial Four (5/10)

  • Regroup here. There are no spawners here. When the wooden button on the room is pressed, the stained glass disappears and zombie start spawning on the other side.
  • In this room everyone needs to quickly swim in water to the other side of the corridor and press a button on the left side while zombies are spawning.

Boss Room (10/10)

  • In the room before, you can regroup and arrange your inventory.
  • To start the room, kill the Shulker in the far left corner of the room.
  • The Shulker will spawn in different locations every wave.
  • Kill all the Guardians that spawn.
  • Going down near the tree will give you Water Breathing and Night Vision, although it is still highly recommended to have Depth Striders (found at Water Spire).
  • After killing every guardian, another Shulker will spawn. After 5 waves, you will complete the boss.
  • On the last wave, an Elder Guardian will spawn, which does more damage and has a lot more health.
  • After finishing all 5 waves, kill a final Shulker to access the loot room.

Loot Room (0/10)

  • In this room there are 17 dungeon_tier_4 chests. In the center is the Pluvia's Seal. On the two sides of the wall are statues holding the two legendaries.
  • Loot up and press to button to exit.
  • Congratulations, you beat Paluster Shrine!


  • This dungeon is one of the oldest dungeons to be built on MineZ and went through three iterations. The first was built by NicolaLeevy, and was left about 30% finished. _mappy_ built the second version, which was arguably the hardest of the three, and was about 95% finished. Goldblade51 then took what _mappy_ had made and created the final version, which is arguably easier than _mappy_'s version.
  • The root room is the oldest room in the dungeon, being made by NicolaLeevy, but edited by _mappy_ and GoldBlade51.
  • Everything wooden except the root room was built by _mappy_, almost everything stone by GoldBlade51.
  • The boss room was later changed by 66tee for the Pre-Origins Update.


Lore Block


这棵树的根系自由生长,将隐藏在Paluster下的巨大石殿一分为二。 就像 Pluvia 对智慧的渴望一样,这棵树消耗了所有可用空间,摧毁纪念 Pluvia 的建筑。

当 Pluvia 被封印时,这座地下神殿和大厅都被破坏了。 现在它作为陵殿存在,纪念着 Pluvia 的奇迹……以及那些在冰冻时被困的人.