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You are the knowledge.

Utilize your understanding of the dark arts to change the tide of battle! Use your spell book to study one of five available spells. Using your wand will cast the spell you studied.

Inspired by Creativion's class suggestion.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Wizard spawns with wooden tools, a Wand, and a Spellbook. You can use the Spellbook to choose from one of five spells (listed below) and use the wand to cast them. Each spell has a 5 second global cooldown, preventing you from casting other spells for 5 seconds.


  • Missile - 30 seconds - Deals 7 (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Half_heart.png) AOE damage to enemies. (Reduced by armor)
  • Freeze - 35 seconds - Inflicts enemies with Slowness III and Mining Fatigue I for 7 seconds.
  • Darkness - 50 seconds - Inflicts enemies with Wither for 6 seconds.
  • Flame - 50 seconds - Sets enemies on fire for 5 seconds.
  • Whirlwind - 25 seconds - Throws enemies away from impact using knockback. Will also throw you and grant you no fall damage for 5 seconds on usage.

Wither vs. Fire

  • Wither deals 1 damage every 2 seconds, Fire deals 1 damage every second. Wither should deal 3 (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Half_heart.png) damage before ending, Fire should do 5 (File:Full_heart.pngFile:Full_heart.pngFile:Half_heart.png)
  • Fire is arguably the best, if the enemy is not near water/doesn't have fire resistance. Wither cannot be resisted, and is best if Fire won't work.


  • Great selection of spells for varying situations.
  • Able to fall from seemingly impossibly high places without any damage.


  • Spells don't move very fast, which allows enemies to dodge if they see it.

Tips & Tactics

  • Use whirlwind on enemies near the void or on a skybridge.
  • All spells are Area of Effect. A Flame spell can set multiple enemies on fire, Freeze can slow an entire group.
  • The Missile spell (and only missile) counts as if you struck the enemy yourself, so if it kills a player you are rewarded with the kill.
  • Cast whirlwind underneath you as you jump to launch yourself to your target.
  • Inflicting an enemy with slowness will make landing the other spells much easier.

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