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When in Rogue - Items
When In Rogue comes with a few items. All of them, excluding artifacts, are found in chests. Chests are found randomly in dungeons.

Used as ammo to fire your bow. Comes in random amounts.
Stacks to 10 Arrows.

Can be thrown to deal massive damage to a single enemy.
Doesn't stack.
Ender Pearl
Ender pearl.png
Works as a teleporter. Great for getting over large gaps or for a quick escape.
Doesn't stack.
Golden Apple
Gold apple.png
This will give you Regeneration II and 2 hearts of absorption.
Doesn't stack.
Splash Potion of Healing
Splash health.png
Can be thrown to heal a group and damage any undead enemy.
Lingering Potion of Regeneration
Linger regeneration.png
Can be thrown to heal a group for a short time.
Can also be used to heal a single player multiple times.
Gold nugget.png Gold ingot.png
Collected to purchase upgrades for yourself.
Gives 1 gold per gold nugget collected and 5 gold per gold ingot collected.
Collected to earn more gold after completing a level.
No valuable stacks.
Rightclick to heal 2 hearts, leftclick a teammate to heal him for 2 hearts
Stacks to 32 Bandages.
Totem of undying.png
Found in dead-end rooms in late levels of a dungeon.
Gives various negative effects when picked up.
Usage unknown.