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As well as rivers, oceans and towns, there are several other water sources around the MineZ Map. These include watering holes found in the southern forest and mini lakes as well as a lake with a diving board in the jungle.

Watering Holes

A watering hole

There are some watering holes located in the central-southern forest. Here are a list of watering holes:

Nearest Location Coordinates
Bell Farm (845, 330)
Romero (1290, 95)
Stonehenge (1330, -630)

Mini Lakes

A mini lake with Consilio University visible in the background

There are various mini lakes around the map, often close to other locations. Here are a list of mini lakes:

Nearest Location Coordinates
Grimdale Farm (-1968, -124)
Desert Ruins (-475, 170)
Consilio University (0, 135)
Evergreen Manor (-410, -360))
Shacklepoint Ruins (-2942, -2260)

Diving Board

There is a lake with a diving board east of Kauri, located at (3830, -2541). There is 1 civ_uncommon here.


  • Prior to the origins update, there was a similar diving board located in a cave southwest of Meteor Crater.
  • A Waygate is located at the mini lake at (-1968, -124)