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You are the connection.

Link two parts of the battlefield with portals that your team can use to traverse the map.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

  • The Transporter comes with a piece of Nether Quartz used to create portals and a soulbound sign.
  • Creating Portals: Using the Nether Quartz, right click a block to turn it into nether quartz ore, this is the first portal block. Right click another block to make a second and they will link together and emit white smoke. Enemies cannot use another team's portal. Portals cannot be placed underwater or with blocks within 2 blocks above it.
  • Destroying Portals: You can right click one of the portal blocks with the Quartz, make a new one, or mine one of the portal blocks.
  • If a resource regenerates in the same place as a portal, the portal is instantly destroyed.
  • Enemies (but not teammates) can break a portal.
  • When a portal is broken, you will be alerted in chat and with a noise.
  • To go through a portal, you must sneak over it. Portal usage has a 5 second cooldown in either direction. This is on the portal, not the player. Also, you can only make ONE portal.
  • Portals will last forever. You can die at any time and the portal will stay open, but you cannot die if only one side is placed, otherwise the portal is broken.
  • Every time you or a teammate uses your portal, you gain 1 experience.


  • Quick transport of you and your teammates.
  • Passive experience.
  • Portals last forever, even if you die.


  • Portals cannot be placed in a protected area.
  • A Transporter cannot use /kill to quickly get back to base to set the other portal.

Tips & Tactics

  • Create portals to places such as the middle, the gold mine, the end of a skybridge or even outside an enemy base. Depending on where a portal is most useful to your team.
  • Don't make portals in areas the enemy can clearly see, or they will be broken easily.
  • Launch pads are useful just outside of a portal.
  • Can be used as an escape when playing solo. Simply place the first TP in a safe but hidden location and place the second part when in trouble.

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