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You are the foundation.

Enter your defensive stance to negate almost all incoming damage.

Teammates nearby will be safe from arrows with the phalanx protection you provide.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Tank comes with a Stone sword, Wooden tools, and a Shield named 'Defensive Shield'.

While holding a Sword in the main hand, and the Defensive Shield in the off-hand, holding right-click will activate a defensive stance.

  • All damage dealt towards the Tank will be negated, and all arrows shot at teammates within the radius of the phalanx protection will be negated, excluding the fire from flaming arrows.

The shield has 30 Stamina.

  • Every hit from an enemy towards the Tank while the Tank is in a defensive stance drains that Stamina.
  • Upon reaching 0 Stamina, the Tank will be stuck in place until some Stamina has recharged.
  • Allies hit by arrows do not drain Stamina.


  • You can become invincible with a right-click.
  • You can defend your teammates from arrows.


  • Running out of Stamina is extremely dangerous.
  • Enemies can ignore your teammates and fire at you instead, depleting your Stamina.

Tips & Tactics

  • Using Tank at mid fights can allow teammates to freely shoot arrows without the fear of being shot back.

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