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A picture taken in the dungeon, Staircase / Bookcase Room

Sunken Library is a Tier 4, 2-path puzzle dungeon that requires some good coordination to complete. It is the most northwestern location in MineZ, north of Cozy Cottage and west of Outpost Adera. It is very maze-like and contains a lot of spawners, so taking a wrong turn could end up with you dying to zombie pigmen.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (-3050, -3680)
Difficulty: 5.7/10
Number of Chests: 12
Dungeon Type: Tier 4
Zombie Content: High - Zombie Pigmen Spawners
Parkour Content: Low
Puzzle/Trap Content: Unbelievably High
Minimum Players: 2
Other Requirements: Bow and Arrows, min. 11 Junk Items

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table
New FarmHD2.png Farm
Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Wooden chest.png Dungeon Chests 12
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 2
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items

Loot Chests

  • Loot Room
    • 12 dungeon_tier_4

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Peace Diamond sword.png Has a 33% chance to give the user or the player hit Weakness II for 3 seconds. Deals wooden sword damage.
Quiet Bow.png Plays a ghast sound upon shooting a player, which can be heard by everyone nearby.

Video Walkthrough (Minorly Outdated)

Text Walkthrough


Entrance (3/10)

  • When you get here on the surface, there are two suspicious-looking islands in the water. The southwest side of the southwest one has an opening under the water.
    • There is an air refill right above you as soon as you go through this opening.
  • Swim down the staircase below you. Go in between the two bookshelves, and turn right to find an opening to the lower floor. Directly above this opening is an air refill that you will need.
  • Grab some air and swim across the room, parallel to the short side of the bookshelves that you're swimming above. There will be another hole in the wall to pass through.
  • Take a left and grab some more air in the cave with vines.
  • Finally, follow the cave down to the cobblestone room, swim under the floor and walk up the stairs.
    • You will enter a localized instance server as you ascend the staircase.
    • You may bring depth striders, respiration helmets, or version 1.13+ to make this section faster and easier. None are required to avoid taking damage.
    • Lag spikes can cause you to drown here. Watch the server TPS before attempting this.
      • If you're in 1.13+ and you're getting repeatedly teleported back by the anticheat, it's probably not lag - the server believes you're in 1.12, and fails to realize that your collision box is flat when you're fast-swimming. Hold shift to descend away from the ceiling, then continue.

Iron Door Room (3/10)

  • There is a closed iron door in front of you, and sets of iron bars on the walls. There is a button On the right side of the cranny above the left-side iron bar that is closest to the door. Press it.
  • Turn around, and throw an item behind the iron bar to the right of the one across from you. It will land on a plate that opens the door temporarily, and two pigmen will spawn behind the door.
    • It is possible for a baby pigman to spawn. Snowballs are the safest way to get past the pigmen, but they will attack you later if you don't kill them. Axes are effective against the baby zombies they spawn.
    • Deal with the pigmen quickly, and head through the door into the main room of the library.

The Maze 1

  • You are in Sunken Library's Main Room. Above you, on the catwalks, is the loot room's entrance, but it cannot be accessed right now. For now, take note of the coordinates of this room: (0, 75).
  • Here, the dungeon becomes largely nonlinear, and experienced players can do the rooms in any order they like. For the purposes of this guide, bring your team to (-40, 120).
    • Go west from the main room (To your right when first entering the dungeon), and make the following turns at each intersection respectively: Straight, Right, Left, Left.
      • There is a pigman spawner close to the first intersection.

Small Room (1/10)

  • On your left in this room, there are two stairs encasing a redstone torch. Throw an item through the gap to activate a hidden pressure plate.
  • There are two redstone torches on the south side of the ceiling. Stand under the left one and look at the right one - you will see a wooden button. Shoot it.
  • A staircase to a new room will open on the opposite side of the room.

Button-Plate Wave Room (5/10)

  • There are six plates on the floor. Standing on one makes accessible a wooden button on the opposite wall.
  • Shoot the button from the plate to spawn a wave of six zombies. Repeat for all six plates.
    • The walls are covered in barriers to prevent you from camping the zombies. The most effective way to avoid taking damage if you're alone is to strafe backwards in a circle while critting.
  • Once the last button is pushed, the exit will open and four pigmen will drop down in front of it, exploding instantly.
  • Rush through before the exit closes!

The Crossroads

  • This is where your team must split up. Henceforth, those who wait in this room will be on Path A, and those who leave via the pressure plate will be on Path B.
    • At least one person must be on each path. Path A is entirely linear and has no challenges, but also has no access to water. It is recommended to leave one player there and send the rest to Path B.

Path B

Bookstaircase Room (2/10)

  • There are ten buttons on the floor, and some alcoves in the wall which can be parkoured to.
  • Press the second button on your right as you leave the crossroads. It will be the fourth on your left if you're coming from any other area.
    • Pressing any other button will spawn several zombies in the alcoves.
  • This will open a secret passageway in the last alcove on the left (first on right from main.) Run through and press the button above you to enter a hallway.


  • Take a left and walk all the way down the hall and place an item on both wooden pressure plates.
  • The one on the left will open a door for the Path A team to move through, and the one on the right will allow the Path B team to exit back into the maze.
  • If you want to get back to the main room, make the following turns at each intersection respectively: Right, Straight, Left, Straight. Ignore this if you've been closely following the order of events in this guide.
    • You will pass close to the pigman spawner again on this path.

The Maze 2

  • Path A's players are blocked by a door. You must get to the lower floor of the room they're in to let them through.
    • From the Bookstaircase room, go straight out from the exit and hang a right. Go left (the only way you can) all the way to the T intersection. Take another right and immediately go left and you should see an iron door.
    • If you're in the Main room, head south (straight from entrance) and take only right turns. You should see the other iron door.

Plate Traps Room (3/10)

  • There are plates scattered on the floor in this room, which splash you with instant damage when touched.
  • The wall is adorned with bookshelves, except for one hole on the north side and one hole on the south side. Throw junk items into these holes.
    • There is a plate in front of the southern hole, but it will not damage you.
  • Activating both plates will allow Path A to climb a ladder and leave the room.
  • The fastest way to leave the room is to have a teammate or zombie open one of the Iron Doors from the other side.
    • If this is not an immediate possibility, go north from the southern hole until you're aligned with the iron door to the west of you. Far above that door, there's a wooden button that you or the Path A team can shoot to open the iron doors.
      • If neither of you have arrows, and nobody can let you out, make a party with the Path A team using the party system, then have the Path B player log out of the instance. They can then re-complete the first Iron Door room to get to the main room.
    • You no longer need a bow and arrows for anything.

The Maze 3

  • If you leave the plate room through the south, take only lefts. If you leave through the west, take only rights. Both paths will get you back to the main room, from which you will go to (35, 95)
    • Go east from the main room. Take the first intersection straight and this room will be on your left.
  • This is a large, L-shaped room. At the back of the room is yet another hole to drop a junk item into.
  • Dropping this item opens a hole in the floor at (71, 131). This spot is covered in pigman spawners, so hold onto some snowballs and move quickly to drop down.
    • You can get here easily from the L-shaped room by making the following turns at respective intersections: Left, Right, Straight, Straight, Right.

Pillar Maze

  • This is the most obnoxious room in the dungeon. You will take some damage falling down here, and you can expect to take plenty more from the many zombies that ambush you in the tight corners.
  • You must use three more junk items on wooden plates at (75, 137), (56, 138), and (52, 127). You may activate them in any order, but the listed order is fastest.
    • It is VERY easy to accidentally pick up your junk items as you turn the corners. Keep a hotbar slot open so you know if you pick something up.
  • The plates open a door on the west side at (45, 131), opposite from where you entered. Quickly get in here so that zombies stop spawning.

Sunken Library Gallery1.png


  • Walk up the staircase. At the top of the stairs, there is a stone button above a door made of iron bars.
  • Pressing this button will drop pigmen from the ceiling, and open the door for 1.5 seconds.
    • It is possible for a baby pigman to spawn.
    • It is impossible for the baby zombies that spawn from the pigs to reach you, as long as you're on the other side of the door when it closes.

Pressure Plate Hallway

  • Try your best to avoid hitting any of the pressure plates in this hallway. Stepping on one will inflict you with either slowness or instant damage.
    • You will have to jump over some plates to avoid them. Be mindful of the uneven ceiling, and of zombies that may spawn in here naturally.
  • After tiptoeing through the room you'll find one last wooden pressure plate on a gold block. Place an item on that plate and Team A will be able to reach the Quartz Room. Either wait for team A to open the Quartz Room, or just leave to your left.

Side A

  • So you've chosen the easy side. Good work, there isn't much more for you to do other than not die of dehydration. Make sure you have at least 2 water bottles especially if this is the first time your team is attempting the hard side.
  • If team B fails, you'll be able to make it out alive so if your team has anything important make sure you hang onto it.
  • Team B will open up a door on your left. Give Team B any items they may need through the hole in the wall, and through the iron bars in the next room.
  • As Team B progresses, doors will open for you until you reach a room with a stone plate on quartz. Press the button on the wall to reunite with Team B.

The Quartz Room

  • Your whole team is now back together. The stone pressure plate on the floor in this room will open the loot room.
  • Assign one player the task of standing on this plate. This player will not receive any legendaries or loot chests.
  • Everyone else must exit through the way that Team B came in, and make their way to the loot room.
  • Take the hallway to the right and drop down into the water. Find the button that opens the door back to the maze.

The Maze 4

  • Find the main room again by taking the following turns: Right, Right, Left.
  • Go west, the same way you went the first time you came here. Take only rights to arrive in a new room.
    • If you've been following the order of events closely, this will be the second or third time you run past this pigman spawner. You will probably have to deal with a zombie pigman as you make the second right.

Table room

  • There is a pressure plate under the table. Shoot it or throw one last junk item on it and a hidden doorway in the wall above the table will open up.
  • Follow the stairs till you see some iron bars in a square shape. Go into the small room of books on your left.
  • This room seems like a dead end. However, there is a button in the hole in the ceiling on the north side. Stand on the south side and jump to press it and open the way to the second floor.

Second Floor

  • Once you're done walking through hallways, you'll be on some catwalks above the main room. A Quartz door to the loot room is south of you - it opens when your friend stands on the quartz room's plate.
    • There are zombie spawners in the loot room, and standing in the Quartz room will activate some of them. Prepare a grenade or axe to kill the zombies that have spawned.
  • Have your friend stand on the quartz plate. The room will open and the zombies will rush out at you. Don't get knocked down!

Loot Room (4/10)

  • Walk into the loot room. Do NOT press the button in the middle - just be mindful of the zombies as you loot your 12 dungeon_tier_4 chests.
    • If you do not want the Legendary Items, you may /logout now.
  • Once you're done looting, move any ground items away from the middle of the room, and make sure you have two empty hotbar slots.
  • Once you press the button, the following things happen:
    • One legendary will spawn to the right, and one will spawn to the left. Pick them up IMMEDIATELY.
    • The north entrance to the room (opened by quartz) closes permanently. An exit will open up to the south in its stead.
    • A five-second timer will start. When it expires, the loot room is flooded with Zombie Pigmen.
    • Flee the loot room to the south and drop down. Quickly find the button on the wall to get out of the death trap.


  • You may /logout if you wish. There is no more loot to obtain.
  • Return to the main room, which is once again north of you. The person you left in the quartz room should do the same.
  • Get to the second floor again, the same way you did last time. Opposite the loot room, there is a stone button high up on the wall which opens a hidden door.
  • Proceed through the narrow hallway and press one last button to leave the instance.
  • Lastly, swim out of the dungeon along the same path you entered. Remember where the necessary air refills are.
  • Congratulations, you have beaten Sunken Library!

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • There are some Ruins to the south with one food chest inside them. They look a lot like the design of the dungeon, as it is composed of cobblestone, some wood and bookshelves. A part of it is partially buried as well.
  • If you need to hold down a wooden plate, but don't have items you can afford to lose, find a zombie spawner and farm it for rotten flesh.


  • This dungeon has received a lot of minor changes over the years. Some of them are listed below.
    • After swimming between the bookcases, the air refill and floor hole used to be on the left side.
    • In the first iron door room, you used to have drop several different items into the right side to open the door.
    • Immediately after this, there was a short hallway with stone pressure plates that spawned various atrocities.
    • The Path A room before the Quartz room used to have two Iron Doors, one to drop you to the first floor and one to drop you to the second floor.
    • There were once plates that spawned zombies on the Path B staircase after the pillar maze. If you touched one, the zombies would activate more of the plates, causing a positive feedback loop capable of immediately ending your run or significantly lagging the server.
    • There were once several intermediate restock chests in this dungeon, in many of the side rooms which aren't required visits to beat the dungeon. By 2019, all of them had been permanently removed.
  • Despite its group-oriented design, it is perfectly possible to solo-complete Sunken Library. You will need a zombie bow from Devil's Respite.
    • Start by going to each of the Path B rooms and activating the wooden pressure plates that open Path A doors with items. You need to be very quick.
    • Then, run to the wave room, beat it as fast as you can, and sprint through all the Path A hallways. If you were fast enough, you'll make it to the Quartz Room.
    • Now, stand on the north side of the room and spam your zombie bow at the south side. You want to get 3-7 zombie spawns - you may have to expend multiple stacks of arrows.
    • Use a snowball to stop the zombies you spawned while you run out the south side of the room, back to the main area.
    • Make your way to the second floor. If the loot room is open, good for you! If not, the zombies have failed to walk onto the plate, and you will have to hug the door while you wait for them to do so.
      • Expect to get hit by a zombie as soon as the door opens. If you're not sprinting into the door as it opens, you probably won't make it through.