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St. Roseluck CryptSt. Roseluck Islandの下にあります。このダンジョン自体は主としてパズルやトラップの要素を含んでいて、その入り口自体もパズルです。一人でも攻略できますが、大変なダンジョンなので集団で挑戦することが推奨されています。

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (2060, -430)
Difficulty: 7.5/10
Number of Chests: 10
Dungeon Type: Dungeon
Zombie Content: Very High - Zombie and Zombie Pigmen Spawners
Parkour Content: High
Puzzle/Trap Content: Very High
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: Bow and Arrows, Junk Items

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting table.png Crafting Table
Farm.png Farm
Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Dungeon Loot
Gold sword.png Legendary Dispenser 2
Gold sword.png Elite Dispenser
Dungeon Chests
Chain helmet.png Dungeon Common
Iron chestplate.png Dungeon Uncommon 8
Enchanted Iron Helmet HD.gif Dungeon Rare 2


  • Loot Room
    • 8 dungeon_uncommon
    • 2 dungeon_rare


Name Image Notes
Endervour File:stone_sword.png Deals 60% more damage if the user has less health than the player hit.
Rubber Shield File:iron_chestplate.png The wearer takes less damage from arrows but takes more damage from swords.

Video Walkthrough

Text Walkthrough


  • ダンジョンに入るためには、まず624831957である暗証番号を入力しなければなりません。
  • 一つのボタンを押したら毎回、別の番号を入力する前に明かりがつくのを待ってください。
  • すべてのボタンが消え、再び現れなくなったら、ロックがリセットされてしまっていてもう一度暗証番号を入力し始めなければならないということです。


  • ひとたび暗証番号の入力に成功すれば、左側にある床が開きますが、短い時間しか開きません。通るのに失敗したら、もう一度暗号を入力しなければなりません。
  • 大きな広間についたら、左へ向かってください。ボタンを押せば、右と左へ矢が二本射出されます。ボタンは二度押す必要があります。一回目はゾンビを1体召喚し、二回目では二本の矢を射出します。その矢に壁の裏にある木のボタンを押させ、鉄の門を開いてください。
  • 二つの石の感圧版(一つは葉ブロックを燃やし、もう一つは治癒/負傷のスプラッシュポーションを天井から発射します)を無視してください。この部屋には水汲み場がありますが、ゾンビのスポナーに注意してください。

  • この試練では、ウィザーの頭が向こう側から放たれます。天井の表示板がそれらはどこから放たれるのか、点灯するレッドストーンランプによって示します(光っていないものが安全です、隣のレーンのウィザーヘッドに当たらないようにブロックの真ん中にいるよう気を付けてください)。

Drop and Climb Rooms

  • Fall into the cobweb and proceed down the hall, to your right a wooden structure that holds a dungeon_in, to your left a stone button that summons a vine to climb from the top.
  • The next button on your left removes blocks from the wall. Scale quickly as the blocks reappear.
  • Third button is another vine and an alcove in wall contains a cauldron and another dungeon_in.
  • The fourth button opens the gate to next challenge. (vine buttons sometimes take a few clicks to work, don't get frustrated).

Lava Vine Parkour

  • (Ideally check video walk-through) Pressure plate summons a boulder, climb this and jump onto the vine behind you, this jump is finicky.
  • Look toward the log at about 20-25 degrees to ensure you're constantly climbing the vines and walk/sprint forward and when you drop hold shift as if you're grabbing onto the wooden slab. Adjust mouse and climb on the wood slab, center yourself immediately.
  • Shift to the edge of the slab away from the vine, make sure the vine isn't hugging you and jump to the next slab.
  • Slab2: do the same edge jump to the third slab.
  • Slab3: climb the vines and slide to slab 4.
  • Slab4: climb to slab 5.
  • Slab5: shift to the edge and jump to slab 6.
  • Slab6: Look at a 45 degree angle to the right and climb the vines to slide to the exit.
  • If you fail this room there is a parkour above the laval all the way back. There is also a dungeon_in chest close to the lava near the exit.
  • Press the button to open the iron bar gate and to stop the arrows.
  • Always pay attention to the arrows shooting from dispensers on the sides.

Log Room

  • To the right is a dungeon_in chest and a zombie spawner, be quick if you wish to loot.
  • Up the slope to the left is a lever on a stone block, flick this and the log will fall from the ceiling opening the floor for you to proceed. Fall.

Ravine Room

  • Forward and to the right is a gate, the button on the chiseled brick opens it.
  • Proceed up the stairs and drop into the cobweb. Immediately to the west is a vine, climb this to cross to the other side safely as the bridge is broken. Cross to the other side
  • To the west most side there is a wooden button that sends a moving platform you must stand on. The platforms are slower than walking speed, and faster than shifting speed, so be careful.
  • Do the parkour along the west side of the ravine to another moving platform, climb the vine at the end of the platforms ride.
  • Cross the bridge, climb the vine, and press the stone button to your left (this should light the lamp at the exit of this challenge). Fall into the water and swim east, to your right there will be stairs and a pressure plate to bypass the iron gate.
  • Climb back up the stairs from the beginning of the challenge, behind the cobwebs there is an iron pressure plate, put an item on the plate and quickly cross to the other side and put an item on the iron plate there. Putting these items on the plates has activated another moving platform you need to get to to exit the room.
  • Climb the vines to your right and sprint across, climb the stone structure. The moving platform should be returning from the exit, jump on it carefully as you will have one chance. (Only if you're the last person in. you may put players on the iron plates alternatively, for them to refresh the platform they must get off the plates and get back on) Run through the doorway and you've finished this challenge.

Wave Room

  • Zombies in this room are called "Crypt Zombie" and have max health and speed of zombies, you must fight 150 of them total.
  • After walking through the cave, Swim through the water to the gate. You'll find a button behind a small obstacle to your right. Press the button and run into the wave room. Zombies will soon start to spawn.
  • Once a wave is over, the lava on the north wall will have increased to show your progress, and you may continue to the next wave by shooting the wood buttons on the east wall/ceiling.
  • Once the lava meter is full (five blocks) shoot the buttons once more to open the door, proceed to the next challenge.
  • You'll know you've completed the trial when no more zombies spawn after shooting the buttons

Vine Parkour Tunnel

  • This parkour is considered inconsistent by many, if you have a grapple you can grapple the vines and skip it
  • In this room there is a dungeon_in
  • Push the button to spawn ~10 zombies and temporarily open the gate. You won't have much time to sneak inside the gate and wait for it to close before making your jump. Watch a tutorial on how to complete the parkour if you need

Skull Room

  • Click the stone button at the back of the room
  • There is a water refill in the cauldron if you need it
  • Clicking the stone button will teleport you to a corridor with a dungeon_in


  • Ignore pressure plate unless you want to go back into the ravine room.
  • Press button on the wall to proceed to next room. Make sure everyone is caught up!
  • Walk down the halls, and down the stairs.

Second Bridge

  • Shoot the four wood buttons found on the walls and proceed to the next room.
  • The riddle saying "the bridge points the way" refers to the first bridge with the Wither Skulls not the one you were just in.
  • Take the left door and proceed to the boss room.

Boss Room

  • In this room you'll find 5x5 of quarts on one wall and a 5x5 wall of buttons on the other.
  • To start the room press the stone button on the wall and a pattern will appear on the quartz wall. Press the button on the button wall opposite to the redstone blocks that appear on the quarts wall. The buttons you should press should mirror exactly the pattern on the quartz wall.
  • When you think you have the pattern correct, press the rightmost button.
  • Above the start button, there is a timer where you can see the remaining time. Not inputting the code or pressing a wrong button will open up the floor below the button wall and you will fall into lava.
  • You must complete a randomized puzzle 3 times consecutively; your progress is marked by the lava meter from earlier. Once finished collect your loot and click the zombie head to leave.
  • As of right now, the zombie head does not work and so to get out just logout and use the shroud.

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Although it may be in the South, the dungeon is fairly difficult. Do not enter with leather gear unless you know what you are doing. Chain/Iron gear is recommended.


  • The dungeon was closed around September 2017 until Abril 28th 2018, when it was reopened as part of a code update that made the boss room completable again as it was previously broken and impossible to beat.