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You are the web.

Toggle the Wall Climb ability to create a wall of vines in front and above you. These vines can be climbed by friend and foe alike! Spray sticky spider webs to slow down your foes!

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

  • The Spider spawns with a set of wooden tools including a shovel, vines named 'Wall Cimb' and 5 cobwebs.
  • You can toggle the Wall Climb ability to spawn vines on any nearby blocks you come across for until you toggle it again, except for when you are currently on the vines or in proximity to them, which then they will last until you move away from them.
  • The cobwebs, when right-clicked, will be thrown. This will spawn a pyramid of cobwebs where the cobweb lands.
  • Alternatively, the cobwebs can be left-clicked. This will spawn a pyramid of cobwebs directly behind the player.
  • Up to 4 cobwebs can be thrown/placed and will be removed on death, or after 20 seconds.
  • The cobwebs can also be broken for string or cobwebs, but will not reduce the total number of ability cobwebs available.


  • Great for scaling walls and other surfaces, especially with teammates.
  • Cobwebs can be thrown to slow an incoming enemy.


  • Cobwebs are limited in quantity, and broken easily.
  • Enemies can climb your vines too.

Tips & Tactics

  • The Wall Climb ability works inside the void, so you can sneak behind the team and go behind their nexus room to get the easy jump on them (go around the void on Cronos with a couple assassins and have them assassin in from behind).
  • Cobwebs can be used to stop fall damage while skybridging.
  • The Wall Climb ability is able to negate fall damage, however, this is extremely hard to do as it requires you to land right next to a wall, thus making this an extremely risky thing to do (you're better off throwing Cobwebs down).

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