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Tools provide certain levels of functionality to the game. Shovels can be used to clear cobwebs and cactus; hoes can be used to harvest extra food in the from of melons, wheat, beetroots and mushrooms. Cobwebs can be used to bottleneck zombies and players; or prevent access to any location requiring a jump to do so.

Obtained from Civ chests

Name Image Attributes
Wooden Hoe Wooden hoe.png Used to harvest wheat, melons, beetroots and mushrooms.
Shears Shears.png A Healing Kit. Used to store bandages and an assortment of ointments with a maximum stack size of ten.
Also found in civilian chests.
Shovel Iron shovel.png Used to break cobwebs and rob graves. Striking a zombie with a shovel will cause it to produce a loud noise and stun the zombie for a few seconds.
Stone Button Button.png Used to open iron doors and hidden rooms.
Disappears after 70 seconds.
Can also be obtained through grave robbing.
Cobweb Cobweb.png Placeable. Significantly slows down players and zombies that touch it.
Can be used to restrict jumping to higher ground, or for safe falls.
Can be destroyed by an iron shovel, and grenades push them away.
Fishing Rod Fishing rod.png Can be used for fishing, similar to Vanilla Minecraft.
Not to be confused with Weak Grapple.
Empty Bottle Empty bottle.png Can be refilled at any water source or cauldron.
Also found in civilian chests.
Water bottles can spawn inside Water Spire chests or obtained from fishing.

Healing Tools

Name Image Attributes
Heal Kit Shears.png This item is used to store bandages and medicine in stacks of up to 10 for each item.
It enables players to check other player's HP, provide better healing, and grant the benefits of medicine.
Typically found in civilian chests, these items cannot stack.
Bandage Paper.png Right click to use. Heals one heart (File:full_heart.png) when not bleeding.
Note: Unlike using a bandage without a kit it will not stop bleeding unless used with a healing ointment.
Healing Ointment Red dye.png Healing Kit item that furhter increases the healing effectiveness of bandages.
Note: Using this is preferred because it restores much more health than simply using a bandage.
Antibiotics Lime dye.png Healing Kit item that cures infection when used.
Note: The group should keep some of this handy in case they run out of milk
Aloe Vera Orange dye.png Healing Kit item that provides temporary fire resistance.
Note: This is almost necessary for a few dungeons and a huge advantage in others.
Revitalizer Yellow dye.png Healing Kit item that provides temporary absorption.
Stimulant Light blue dye.png Healing Kit item that provides temporary speed.

Note: All of the medicine items (dyes) stack in a player's inventory to a maximum of 3. Since this is less than the maximum of 10 offered by a Heal Kit, it is only recommended to hold onto them outside of a Heal Kit when the kit is already full of the medicine in question.

Other Tools

Name Image Found In Attributes
Weak Grapple Fishing rod.png Players that bought Premium before 2014 were given this item in their spawn kit. Can also be obtained through purchasing the item with Shotbow XP as a spawnkit item, and also found in mil rare and mil epic chests as a rare item drop. Can be used to latch on to vertical surfaces such as rooftops on buildings and swing the player upwards; Can also be used on flat surfaces to pull the player forward. Has 8 uses, but only has 2-3 uses if found in mil rare and epic chests; this item cannot be repaired, or it will revert back to a normal fishing rod.
Gunpowder Gunpowder.png Mil_epic chests Used with brewing stand to turn drinkable potions into splash potions.
Glowstone Dust Glowstone dust.png Earth Spire, Wind Spire and Pots Rare chests Used with brewing stand to increase the strength of potions.
Old Gnawed Bone Bone.png Fire Spire Allows access to the Asindia Ruins located under Archaeological Dig Site.
Snowball Snowball.png Civ_common chests When thrown it attracts all nearby zombies. Zombies attracted by the snowball will slowly walk up to the nearest player. Zombies seem to get 'stunned' for a few seconds when the snowball is thrown at your feet, making it useful for escaping from hordes.

Its maximum stack size is 3.

Piece of Iron Iron ingot.png Rampaging Golem Used to repair Iron equipment or to craft a Chunk of Iron. Can repair any iron equipment except for Reinforced Iron Armor. Maximum stack size of 3.
Chunk of Iron Iron block.png Crafted with 9 Pieces of Iron Used to repair Iron equipment or to craft the Earth Shaker. Can repair any iron equipment except for Reinforced Iron Armor. Maximum stack size of 3.


  • Stone pickaxes used to spawn in chests but since the Settlement project has been removed, the pickaxe did the same.
  • Cacti was a placeable item that could only be found in tool chests. Due to it no having many uses, it was buffed. You'd have to right-click to cover yourself in thorns, for 15 seconds, to deal damage to players that hit you. And left-click to have a small chance to inflict bleeding to players. Even after the buffs, the item was deemed useless and removed in the Re-Code Update.