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There are currently nine kits in Warband which Basic, Ranger, Flame, Scribe, Thunder, Mage, Druid, Miner, and Iceman. Each class has different aspects to them that provide different types of advantages in the beginning, midgame, and endgame.


Name Image Ability Notes
Basic Basic Spawns with crafting table, iron tools, basic food, and grants extra hearts. This is the default Class
Ranger Ranger Spawns with a bow and 10 arrows, does not take fall damage, and has a leap ability boosting you forwards.
Flame Flame Spawns with a Flint and steel, has a chance to create flame arrows, has a chance to set a player on fire, shoots fire, and grants fire resistance when ability is used.
Scribe Scribe Spawns with an iron pickaxe, ability drops 2 books, and has a chance to get bonus xp from mining ores. Can turn books into XP bottles
Thunder Thunder Can summon lightning to deal damage, and reduces damage taken for a short time after doing so.
Mage Mage Can summon a "powerful comet" to deal damage, or a "forceful gust" to knock enemies away.
Druid Druid Can transform into an Ocelot with a left-click, granting speed and jump boost, but deals less damage, or a Bear with a right-click, dealing more damage, but moving slower. Clicking the same button again transforms back to normal.
Miner Miner Gain additional drops on mining ores.
Iceman Iceman Ability will launch projectiles that slow enemies, and turns water into ice when stepping onto it. Sneaking will disable frost walking.