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Shotbow uses Discord, a VoIP application that give players the ability to chat with other players with ease. Shotbow recommends not using other services like Skype to communicate with people you are not familiar with. These services leak your IP address. Instead, we provide a Discord server with lots of rooms, security as well as lots of players to interact with and meet.



In order to get started, you can either download Discord from their website or connect via their website. Pick the download for your operating system, and install Discord once the download is finished.


To connect to the Discord you can click here and accept the invite.


- Before talking, you may want to adjust your sound and microphone settings. At the bottom left of Discord there is a small gear icon called User Settings. Click on that and go to the tab called Voice & Video.
- Under Output Volume, adjust your volume so you can hear others properly.
- Under Input Volume, first make sure your microphone is selected in Input Device. (Default device usually works) Second, select the button for Push-To-Talk and select a hotkey that will activate your microphone to let you talk.
- If you are using a headset and are not in a noisy area, you may want to use Voice Activity. Be sure to adjust the settings below so when you or others talk, so it doesn't echo back to them.
- Other setting sections exist to let you customize Discord further, but adjusting from the default isn't necessary and is up to the user.