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DELETE THIS NOTICE WHEN FINISHED. Next Class is Warrior. Summary of this Annihilation Class, popular uses, current meta regarding play style and any barriers to switching classes.


You are the fear.

Your resistance makes you a feared opponent, as long as you stay out of the light.

Transform into a bat for a sneak attack or escape a stake!

Class Information

Purchase for 20,000 XP

  • The Vampire comes with a Stone Sword and a Potion of Night Vision.
  • The Vampire can change into a bat while in darkness. Your health will be dropped to 3 hearts, but while in bat form you can fly. If you enter light, you will turn back into a human without flight.
  • Vampire has luck only in the daylight which means there is a 70% chance that you take no fall damage.
  • The Vampire also gets resistance 1 while in darkness.
  • Darkness is light level 5 and below.
  • Light is level 6+, respectively.
  • You may not attack mobs or players, break blocks, shoot bows or throw potions when you are morphed into a bat.


  • In the brightness, you get luck (70% chance of taking no fall damage) which also pushes nearby players away from you.
  • In the darkness, you get resistance 1.
  • In the darkness you can transform into a bat, allowing you to fly.


  • Bat form will drop your health to 3 hearts, making you extremely weak when dropping into combat.
  • You cannot attack other players or break blocks when morphed into a bat.
  • Bat form is only usable in the dark, and entering light will change you back.

Tips & Tactics

  • You can use your bat form to scout the map in the night to look for other teams planning to rush your team.
  • Bat form can be used to fly over enemy defenses at night (provided you can get to the nexus alive).
  • Transform into a bat to break the teleport on an enemy skybridge.
  • You may not break blocks as a bat, but you can place them very effectively. Use this as an advantage when building long structures such as skybridges.
  • You can watch fights and wait for one player to die, then swoop in and steal all the gear dropped. This doesn't have to be an enemy's gear, you may be able to save a teammate's gear.

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