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You are the fear!

Steal health from your enemies with an increased chance at night.

You can sense your enemies blood.

Class Information

Purchase for 15,000 XP

The Vampire comes with a Stone Sword and a Potion of Night Vision.

  • During the day, the Vampire gains a 15% chance of stealing 1 health point (Half heart.png), healing yourself with it.
  • During the night, the Vampire's health steal increases to 30%.

The Vampire also comes with the ability 'Blood Sense' that, when used, reveals all enemies within a 10 block radius horizontally and a 5 block radius vertically for 5 seconds (8 second cooldown).

  • Blood Sense only reveals enemies that are not invisible, vanished (Spy) or enter the radius after activated.
  • Blood Sense only reveals enemies to the Vampire.
  • The Vampire must hold the class ability in their hand for a full 5 seconds to activate.


  • At night, gain a greater advantage over enemies, potentially stealing their health.
  • Reveal enemies within an area in which you already would have seen their nametags.


  • Most enemies will not be revealed.

Tips & Tactics

  • Bloodsense is a very difficult ability to currently get value from and has many drawback, caution is strongly advised using it.

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