Saward Crypt

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This location no longer exists. The page is being kept in case of return and for historical purposes.

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The entrance of Saward Crypt

Saward Crypt was a tier 4 dungeon located in the northern part of the map, in Fort Saward. The dungeon featured parkour over lava, pigmen and zombie spawners, and required player coordination. It was reworked into Bloodstained Abyss with update 4.8.

Saward Crypt's entrance was located inside Fort Saward itself, on the first floor. Players entered through a hole in a wooden wall. The dungeon itself was relatively dark, and had two parkour sections and a puzzle area, where players would have to split into two teams. For the final area, players once again had to split up, with one player going into a maze and stepping on a pressure plate which opened up a door to the loot room for the other players.

Dungeon Information
Coordinates: (-982, -3595)
Difficulty: 5/10
Number of Chests: 14
Dungeon Type: Tier 4
Zombie Content: High - Zombie and Zombie Pigmen Spawners
Parkour Content: High
Puzzle/Trap Content: High
Minimum Players: 1
Other Requirements: Junk items, Zombie Bow if solo

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table

New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand

Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Dungeon Loot
Wooden chest.png Dungeon Chests 15
Iron sword.png Legendary Items 1
Iron chestplate.png Elite Legendary Items

Dungeon Chest Loot

Name Image Spawn Rate
Iron Helmet Iron helmet.png 7.0%
Iron Chestplate Iron chestplate.png 7.0%
Iron Leggings Iron leggings.png 7.0%
Iron Boots Iron boots.png 7.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite II)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 6.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite II, Knockback I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 3.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite III)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 4.0%
Iron Sword
(Smite III, Knockback I)
Enchanted Iron Sword HD.gif 2.0%
Grenade Ender pearl.png 3.0%
(Power II)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 6.0%
(Power II, Punch I)
Enchanted Bow HD.gif 3.0%
10 Arrows Arrow10.png 8.0%
Iron Axe
(Smite I)
Enchanted Iron Axe HD.gif 3.0%
Diamond Axe
(50 Durability)
Diamond axe.png 2.0%
Potion of Healing II Potion Drink Health.gif 8.0%
Splash Potion of Healing II Potion Splash Health.gif 7.0%
Lingering Potion of Healing I Potion Lingering Health.gif 2.0%
Golden Apple Gold apple.png 4.0%
Bread Bread.png 3.0%
Gunpowder Gunpowder.png 2.0%
Button Button.png 2.0%
2 Snowballs Snowball2.png 3.0%

Loot Chests

  • Entrance Cavern Alcove
    • 1 dungeon_tier_3
  • Timed Parkour Room
    • 2 dungeon_tier_3
  • Pigman Hallway
    • 1 dungeon_tier_4
  • Loot Room
    • 10 dungeon_tier_4

Legendary Items

Name Image Notes
Night's Shadow Iron sword.png Right click to activate Wither Strike. When Wither Strike is active, hitting a player inflicts them with Wither for 5 seconds, dealing 1 heart of wither damage. If the wither wears out, the target player can be hit again and reaffected. Wither Strike is active for 25 seconds, after which the effect fades and the user has to wait 35 seconds before reactivation.

Text Walkthrough

Crypt Entrance (Difficulty: 1/10)

  • When you first enter the crypt there will be a spiraling cavern. This will open up to the second location.

Waterfall Leap (Difficulty: 2/10)

  • There is an zombie spawner in the roof of this room as well as where the current starts so try to be quick, although the spawner spawns them very infrequently.
  • Here there is some minor parkour. All you have to do is jump into the water on the right hand side close to the wall. You can also just jump to the ledge below, and avoid the spawner, but you'll take some fall damage.

Lava Flooded Pathway (Difficulty: 4/10)

  • The next room is a corridor with cobwebs and has a sign saying 'Do Not Enter Beware of Monsters'
  • Walk through the hallway until you get to the parkour.
  • You will then get to a section where you are level with lava and a broken stone brick pathway. There are two ways you can go, both with relatively the same difficulty.
    • Both paths lead to the same place, then continue on with the next room.

Parkour Room (Difficulty: 6/10)

  • This area contains relatively difficult parkour around a small pit that leads to a platform continuing on. There are many zombie spawners at the bottom of the parkour room, so if you fall get back up as fast as you can.
  • Be as quick as possible to avoid too many zombies spawning in the room.
  • There is a zombie pigmen spawner at the end of the parkour in the hallway.

Fort Saward Ruins Entrance (Difficulty: 3/10)

  • You now run through a hallway with a few pigmen spawners.
  • After walking down the hallway you will be faced with a few jumps across a bridge over lava. If you do fall you have to drink a fire resistance potion and logout otherwise you will die.
  • Once you are on the bridge you are safe from the pigmen.

Saward Ruins/Iron Door Puzzle (Difficulty: 6/10)

  • Run down the hallway and throw an item onto the pressure plate.
  • The two iron doors will open up. The puzzle is symmetrical, so it does not matter which way round it is done.
  • At least one person must go through each side.
  • Both teams follow the cave until you find an iron door half way up.
  • On one side, send one person through to stand on the pressure plate on the balcony. This will open up the iron door at the end of the cave (on the same side).
  • If you have the manpower, you should leave someone behind on the other side of the balcony door to let the person standing on the balcony plate back through. Otherwise, that person will have to jump off the balcony, deal with the zombies and zombie pigmen that spawned from the spawner located near the ceiling near the iron door, then run back through the cave from the beginning.
  • The player in the back room can let them in via a pressure plate next to the door.
  • The room at the end has an additional plate that will open the door to progress on the other side. Have one side press their plate and send a person through. They can then hold open the doors on both sides, allowing others to get through as well.
    • If you have 3 people, one person must go on both balconies to allow others through on both sides,
  • The doors at the end of each cave can also be opened by zombies spawning in the rooms, allowing you to bypass the balconies and get through with 2 or fewer people.
  • If you are solo, you must spawn a zombie in one back room, then go back and do the same for the other side.
  • You must then run from the inside corner to the exit door, with the zombie on the other side standing on the plate to open the door.
    • This can be seen being done here.

Regroup Intersection (Difficulty: 3/10)

  • This room is scattered with 1 block holes that have cobwebs and lava. If you fall in one, there is no way to prevent death.
  • There is a thin lava stream at the end of the room. The best way to avoid damage is to go over the previous cobweb pits and the stream in one jump.

Timed Parkour Hallway (Difficulty: 6/10)

  • Here you will have to do a timed parkour from left all the way around the room to the top right.
  • Have your other group members stand on the early, untimed segment of the parkour to stay safe and take aggro in case the person doing the parkour falls.
  • Have one person hit the plates located at the entrance of the room to start the timed parkour. There is a noticeable delay between when you hit the plates and when the blocks start to appear.
    • Because of the delay, it is possible to do the timed parkour solo, though you shouldn't need to.
  • Note that whoever does the parkour will not make it to the loot room, unless they have a zombie bow.
  • There are two dungeon_tier_3s in this room, though there are spawners next to each one, so be careful.

Maze Room (Difficulty 1.5/10)

  • Whoever did the timed parkour will be put into a maze.
  • There is a map for this at the bottom of the page.
  • At the end, there is an intersection with 2 plates.
  • The closest one, when held down, will open a path in the timed parkour room that allows the rest of your party to advance.
  • The other plate will open a passage to the dungeon entrance, allowing the person in the maze to leave.
  • If you have a zombie bow, you can spawn a zombie on the plate and run back to the other path.

Timed Iron Door Room (Difficulty 4/10)

  • The entrance will open on the right side of the timed parkour room.
  • This will open into a large cavern that has many cobwebs, zombie spawners and some zombie pigman spawners.

At the beginning of the cave, there is a pressure plate. Hold it down until the redstone lamp above lights up. This will start a timer, and you will have to run through the cave as fast as possible. Once the timer is up, the iron doors at the end of the cave will open for a short time.

  • If you don't make it to the doors in time, you should be able to run back to the plate and try again with the added difficulty of fighting off the zombies that spawned. If you are in the short hallway between the loot room and the iron doors when they close, splash damage potions will rain down on you. This is almost certain death.
  • Alternatively, you can have one person stay back at the plate while the rest of the group runs up to the doors. Then, have that person step on the plate, giving the rest of the group a much easier time. Keep in mind that there is a zombie pigman spawner close to the doors.
  • Snowballs are highly recommended for this room.

Loot Room

  • Congratulations on completing Saward Crypt!
  • When you are done looting, press the button on the right side of the wooden door.

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • Due to the recent change of the way zombie pigmen spawn, they are able to appear in nearly every segment of the dungeon. Tread carefully.
  • In order to get the tier_4 chest in the pigman hallway, you run through the room as you usually would, but at the end turn right and you'll see a chest. This chest is very dangerous to loot, but usually drop 3-4 items.


  • Back in the old version, the person who went into the maze had to complete the dungeon in reverse with a Weak Grapple, meaning they'll have to go from the maze all the way back to the entrance.
  • There's a small hole near the end of the waterfall at the start of the dungeon. The grave of the person who built the dungeon, Miner_roy, can be found here.
  • Before the wooden bridge, in the tunnel, there's a sign stating that this is the entrance to the Fort Saward Ruins.