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The Pets are little/big guys that follow you around in the lobby. Some are available in the XP shop, but most are only for subscribers, and people who purchase cosmetic pets for hard currency. Buy the hard currency pet in the Cosmetic Shop, and buy subscriber here at the Shotbow Network Buy Page.

To access your pets, type in /p. Doing so will bring up a list of all the pets you have.



Ben is an endermen. You need to be obsidian rank to obtain Ben. He teleports around during the daytime. He is the Obsidian pet.

Blue, White & Red

Blue-Pet.png White-Pet.png Red-Pet.png

These are 3 baby sheep that come with the subscriber starter kit of pets. All of them can be ridden with a right click, and they all shoot a random firework when shift right-clicked. Left click them to make them disappear.

Charles, Fred & Magic the Magicow

Charles-Pet.png Fred-Pet.png The-Magicow.png

Fred and Charles are brown and black sheep, and Magic is a baby cow. They come with the subscriber starter kit of pets. All of them can be ridden with a right click, and they all give out hearts when shift right-clicked. Left click them to make them disappear.

Christmas Elf - Christmas Pet


Your very own Christmas Elf! Right click him to have him drop presents. Players will receive gifts from him if they right click him too!

Cupid - February Pet


Cupid is a skeleton in bright pink leather armor. When you right click him he shoots love arrows at other players in the lobby. You cannot get Cupid anymore, as you needed to be a Subscriber before Feburary 1st.

Easter - April Pet

Easter April Pet.png

Easter is a bunny that when right clicked, drops a number of easter eggs of different colors. To get the bunny, lazertester put an upside-down skeleton on another skeleton, which had a bunny head. The legs of the upside-down skeleton looked like bunny ears. He holds a golden-carrot.

Easter Bunny 2018


One bunny? Two bunnies? Nope. Right click this bunny and you'll temporarily get 5! How cool is that? They will start the official easter ceremony!

Ghostie - Halloween Pet

Ghostie Halloween Pet.png

Quick! Grab this limited edition Ghostie in celebration of Ghostcraft's return!

While you've been waiting, these Ghosties have been haunting the Shotbow grounds - help us bring them a good home, away from our tired staff.

Grim Reaper - Halloween Pet


Spooky scary skeletons? This guy is the scariest of all! He is extremely angry which you can notice when right clicking him!

Limited Edition 2017 Halloween Pet



Halloweenie is a zombie wearing a jack-o-lantern helmet, a black leather chestplate, and orange leather leggings and boots. This pet is no longer available, as you had to have purchased him between October 1st and October 31st.



This is a creeper. You are currently un-able to get this anymore. You needed to be a sub before September 1st. He blows up when he is dismissed.

Infested Cube - August Pet


Infested cube is a sneak-peak at a When in Rogue boss. It is a magma cream with silverfish spinning around it in a circle



Jeeves (a baby villager) comes from a long line of personal service experts. He has been trained from birth on how to best serve your needs. He enjoys long walks to retrieve the mail, as well as sitting on your head as you walk around (Shift+Right Click). He is anxiously awaiting your arrival in the lobby so he can stare at you blankly and await his next instruction.



Jello is unlocked by being a Emerald rank. He is a baby slime. You can ride Jello by right clicking.

Ko-Oni - Summer Festival Pet


Ko-Oni is the limited edition Summer Festival Pet. It was available for the Summer Festival from August 19th through 21st. It uses a Baby Pigman base with a custom playerhead.



Lucky is a baby zombie in green armor that holds a golden ingot. When right clicked, lucky will give you a golden block, that after a few seconds, explodes into several gold ingots, and after that, into more gold nuggets. Each time more item is produced, you'll hear a sound from a soundbox. This pet was the Subscriber pet for the month of March. This pet was created by Mistri.

Minecon 2013 Horse


This was a package you could buy in 2013 to help support the Shotbow Network developers attend Minecon 2013. By purchasing this package, you received a limited edition horse named "Minecon 2013". This package was limited to the first 50 purchases.

MineZ 1 Year


To obtain this you had to be on the server for the MineZ 1 year anniversary. You can not obtain this anymore. It is a baby zombie.



Want to have the coolest pet ever? Have yourself as a pet! This will be a mini version of yourself which will replicate your armor! Amazing Right?

Mr. Chill


Mr Chill, the December 2013 subscriber pet, loves wintertime! He will follow you everywhere and be your best bud, until you pop him and he bursts into a bunch of snowballs that all helplessly to the ground. You Monster.



This cute little guy loves getting mushrooms! Red mushrooms? Brown mushrooms? Mushroom soup! Once you right click him he will gift you with some mushroom love!



It's going down like a bomb, people are screaming "DEFEND", but it still goes down and down until it explodes. Boom. GG.



The Nyan Sheep pet! Can be used in Lobby or some games lobby's



This will give you Oinkie the baby pig. He will follow you around the lobby, oink at you, and even show his love when you right click to pet him.

Parker's Chick


A baby chicken. You are now un-able to get this. You had to donate $5 or more at a charity event. Launches a firework when dismissed.

SAM - July Pet


Sam is a Zombie Pigman wearing red, white, and blue armor. When right clicked, he can be ridden. When shift+right-clicked, he shoots up a firework.

Shadow - October Pet


Shadow is a bat. You are currently un-able to get this anymore. You needed to be a sub before October 1st.

Spidey - June Pet


Spidey is a spider that can be ridden by being right clicked, and while you are riding, left click anywhere, and you will jump in that direction.



This will give you Splodey the baby pig zombie. He will follow you around the lobby, make terrible pig zombie sounds at you, and even show his love when you right click to pet him. Whatever you do, do NOT left click him.

Summer - May Pet


Summer is a normal cow, and when right clicked, can be ridden. When shift-right-clicked, Summer bounces around.

Thanksgiving Feast


Thanksgiving Feast, the chicken that made the mistake of thinking he's a turkey, is November 2013's Subscriber pet. Sneaking while rick clicking him will allow you to break off a piece to share with your friends, or left click him to produce a feast!

The Witch of 2014


The Witch of 2014, celebrate the new year all year long with a bang thanks fo her magic powers. She's always got a firework ready to pop off in celebration of another year gone. Now if we could only talk about getting that mole on her face removed.

Valenswine - Valentines Pet


Valenswine only loves one thing: Valentine! This cute little piggy is really in love with Valentine and he has trouble's hiding that. Bring them together for some extra love!

Right click Valenswine to throw a shower of gifts!



Valentine is a pink sheep, that was purchasable during the month of Feburary. This lovely sheep baa's his "I love you!" all through the lobby. This cute little sheep was suggested by Margai. When right clicked, Valentine drops cakes, roses, and other goodies for you to share! When left clicked he pops into a burst of hearts. This pet was created by Margai.



This will give you Whiskers the baby ocelot. He will follow you around the lobby, meow at you, and even show his love when you right click to pet him.



This will give you Wolfie the baby wolf. He will follow you around the lobby, bark at you, and even show his love when you right click to pet him.

Wraith Rider - Halloween Pet


Limited Edition 2017 Halloween Pet