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Listed below are the "jobs" which Miners can complete during games. For jobs, you must right click the container or block below the highlighted item, not the item itself. Doing so will open up a GUI with the job within it.

Access Files

This job is self explanatory, you must click the heads in the GUI in ascending order (1 -> 2 -> 3, etc). Once you do that the job is finished.

Adjust Temperature

This job requires the player to adjust the current temperature of the area (shown by the heads within the GUI space) to the Targeted temperature (shown at the top of the GUI) using the arrows on the right side of the GUI. The rightmost head is the "Up" arrow, and the head to the left of that is the "Down" arrow.

Brew Potion

Otherwise known as "Find Bad Brew", during this job you collect 3 ingredients to brew an instant health potion and then choose the poison potion out of the three. The job can be left alone while brewing is happening, so leaving to do a nearby job such as Find Diamonds or Access Code would be a good idea in the meantime. Below are the locations on the map "Sunder Mines" for the ingredients.

Clear Pumpkins

During this task you must click on a jack o` lantern in 12 different spots in a double chest GUI. It is very similar to the Comms Sabotage GUI. Disable advanced tooltips for a better experience.

Crafting Jobs

There are many crafting jobs in Miner Problems, and because they all act relatively the same, there is no point in listing out every one of them. In general, you must craft an item (cake, redstone comparator, chest, pot, etc) and then store said item in a nearby container. Knowing where the storage container is can be very useful for faking jobs.

Empty Trash

This jobs involves the player sifting through their inventory for 4 trash items, such as bones, brown dye, and other random junk. Trash is renamed "trash" for simplicity.

Input Code

Not to be confused with Access Code, during this jobs you rename a piece of paper to the given code. As displayed below, the word you must rename the paper to is given in the top of the anvil GUI.

Find Blueprints

Similar to the crafting jobs, this involves an initial job of finding a map within your inventory of paper, and putting it into the container GUI. Afterwards, you go to the drop-off station and discard.

Find Diamonds

This job puts the player in a zelda-esc map within the GUI, where they must go and mine diamonds. Moving into a chest gives the player an item, and the item (such as the sword) can be used to progress. To use the item, simply walk into the block or monster using the arrow buttons in the inventory section. You must kill zombies, mine logs, and finally mine stone to get to the diamonds.

Find Logs

During this job you must find a written book in your inventory with the correct name. The name is always Log 0072, however it will change positions every time you enter the GUI, so if you cannot find it you can leave the GUI and right click the job again. The name of Log 0072 is Orange, all other logs are gray.

Fill Lunchbox

During this task you put food into a shulker box. You then follow-up the task by taking it to another part of the map.

Stabilize Tanks

This job is much like a "Simon Says" minigame, where the player matches the order of the sea lanterns that show up in a sequence on the left side of the GUI. There are 5 stages, if you click the wrong slot, the game kicks you from the GUI and you must restart with a different pattern.