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The goal of Miners in Miner Problems is to have every Miner complete their given jobs, or to successfully find and vote out the Problems. The goal of the problems is to eliminate the Miners while staying hidden away from suspicion.

Main Lobby

The main lobby of Miner Problems offers customization for the players and host. Each player can click the lectern to change their armor color to; Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, Lime. The host of the game is able to choose many different game options to create a fun experience for everyone, such options include; # of Emergency meetings, Emergency meeting cooldown, amount of Problems, time for discussion, time for voting, kill cooldown time, # of jobs per player, walk speed, sabotage timer, jumping ability, and announcement of a player's role when they are voted out.

All color options displayed on armor stands

Joining a game

To create or join an existing game use /minerproblems. To leave a game, use /hub. Players can make joining with friends easy by using the party system!

Joining with a Party

The following commands can help you start a game with friends using a party. This can be done in the main hub or in the game lobby.

  • /party create - Creates a new party.
  • /party invite {name} - Invites selected player to your party.
  • /party open - Opens your party and gives you a code you can give to other players. Players type the code in chat to join the party easily.
  • /party bring - Brings all party members to the game you are in if they joined late.
  • /party leave - Disbands your own party as host, leave as member.
Options GUI for game host, allows players to edit gameplay options like view distance, kill cooldown, etc

GUI Information

Average GUI of a Miner

Miners have the following:

  • A mini map, which shows all current sabotages and all remaining jobs
  • Report body item, which turns into a skull when nearby a dead player
  • Room name above hotbar
  • Sidebar, which shows all available jobs
    • Yellow = Near, Green = Completed, Gray = Incomplete
  • Bossbar, which shows progress of total jobs completed
Average GUI of a Problem

Problems have the following:

  • A mini map, which shows all vents on the map and sabotages.
  • Report body item, which turns into a skull when nearby a dead player
  • A Sword, which is a barrier when on cooldown, a Wood Sword when no target is nearby, and an Iron Sword when there is a target in range to kill. The Iron Sword also tells you the name of the player you will kill.
  • Room name above hotbar
  • Sidebar, which will always be gray. Job GUIs will not come up, but jobs are there for Problems to fake.
  • A Creeper Skull, which allows the Problem to create a diversion, known as a sabotage, on the map. Sabotages can be passive, like turning the lights off, or can end the game if not handled.
  • Bossbar, which shows progress of total jobs completed

Basic Gameplay


Miners are the players who carry out the jobs given to them at the beginning of the game. There are many jobs which can be performed, the amount of which can be customized by the host. Miners are responsible for keeping track of what they do during each round, and paying close attention to others' actions. Being in certain places at certain times (or being away from key areas like sabotages) can lead to them being wrongfully voted out. At times, keeping a friend close to you can be beneficial since they can vouch for you. Miners can also fix sabotages employed by Problems, some of which can end the game. Fixing a sabotage not only helps other Miners, but can improve your standing with fellow Miners. The ultimate goal for Miners is to vote out Problems during meetings before all Miners are killed (see Win Conditions below).


Problems are tasked with killing Miners. Problems cannot be killed by fellow problems, however they can be voted out by Miners and Problems during a meeting. Problems can utilize Sabotages to discombobulate Miners, usually forcing people towards a certain area, or away from a certain area. Here are some basic tips for Problems, however more tips are described in Tips & Tricks.

  • Kill in low traffic areas, or in places where there are less jobs or sabotages present nearby. Main hallways, the meeting center, and in front of common jobs are poor places to kill.
  • Utilize lights to kill players, you have full visibility when lights are out, but Miners do not.
  • Sabotage areas away from the kill so players will move away, giving you a chance to relocate safely
    • Use Vents to get out of a kill in a sticky area, like the Power Room.


In nearly every room, there is a vent which can be used to move to nearby vents in other rooms. It is important to check for players in those rooms before you pop up, and make sure nobody sees you going into a vent either, as this is a dead giveaway to your role. Vents are shown on the minimap as red triangles for Problems.

The mini map shows all vents via red triangles


Sabotages from the first map are shown below. The Thermonuclear Collapse and Reactor Failure are game ending sabotages, if they are not completed within the time limit shown, Problems win. Both also have 2 locations which must both be fixed in order to stop the sabotage. Problems can solve their own sabotages to seem more trustworthy of Miners.

The sabotage GUI with 4 sabotages avaliable


Vision is displayed by the purple particles which form a circle on the ground around players. This circle can be influenced by lights being sabotaged, making it much smaller and therefore very difficult to see any other players nearby. Players outside the purple circle will not be visible for you. Problems are not affected by lights being cut, so they can see Miners from further distances when lights are cut. Dead players are also not affected by lights being cut.


Meetings are times where all alive players are called to a set point on the map during which players discuss various things such as what jobs they did that round, who they are suspicious of, and who they interacted with (see alibis for some tips & tricks). By default, meetings are comprised of 15 seconds of pure discussion, where voting is not enabled, and 120 seconds of further discussion time where voting is enabled. During meetings, the job list on the sidebar disappears and any current sabotages are ended. The player also only has their map and a book, the latter can be right-clicked to vote. Meetings are initiated in two ways; either a body must be reported, or the bell at the meeting area must be rang by a player with remaining emergency meetings (by default this is 1 meeting per player). However, during a sabotage the bell cannot be rang by any player to call a meeting (dead bodies can be reported to initiate a meeting).

Meeting table when meeting is called


As stated above, voting time is 120 seconds by default. To vote for a player, simply click their colored wool and then confirm, you can also choose to skip voting by choosing the glass in the GUI. Voting works by a majority basis; if a player has 3 votes while another has 2, the player with 3 will be voted out. If the skip option has equal or more votes than the most voted player (Player A has 3 votes, Player B has 2, and the Skip option has 3), nobody is voted out for that round. Votes are displayed as an 'I' above players' heads, or above the meeting bell when the skip option is chosen.

Being Voted Out

Once voting time has concluded, the last 10 seconds are reserved for displaying who will be voted out that round. If a player has been voted out, they will be forcefully pulled into a nether portal. The name of the player is shown on screen for everyone to see who was voted out, if anyone was. By default, the player's role will also be revealed when they are voted out (this can be changed to hide their role). Once a Miner is voted out, they are free to roam the map as they please, and should complete any remaining jobs. Problems simply roam the map watching other players, both Miners and Problems can talk freely in a death chat during the remainder of the game, living players cannot see this chat.

Win Conditions


All Jobs Completed

Once the job bar, shown by the boss bar at the top of the screen, is 100% full, Miners win. It is important to note that jobs from ghost Miners count, so if a player died before completing all their jobs, they need to finish them as a ghost to contribute to this victory.

All Problems Voted Out

Once all Problems have been voted out (see # for voting info) Miners win.


Miners Killed

When enough Miners are killed, the Problems can win. This amount is decided by the number of remaining Problems, if 1 Problem is left, they need to kill every Miner except 1. If two Problems remain, all but 2 Miners must be killed, etc.

Sabotage Win

Certain sabotages on each map can end the game when not finished. See # above for more info.


Miner Problems will soon feature many different maps to sleuth on. If you'd like to have additional information about specific map details, read all about it here!