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Missions & Jobs

This Thread is offered to all players who are struggling between those subjects in MTA.

What is a Heist?

MTA Heist1.png
MTA Heist2.png

Heist is a Gamemode in MTA, where in players must work together to complete a good planned heist.
The Heist in MTA requires at least 2 people to start in 40 seconds, but can be joined up to 4 players.
You'll be creating a heist via your Phone > Missions/jobs > Heist

Type of Heist

  • Public queue Heist: All players can join this queue, it will automatically start in 40 seconds if a player joins.
  • Private heist is the thing next to Public Heist:
    • Private queue heist: Means ONLY you can add people you'd like to do a heist with. Just by clicking Add player message will appear in chat, then type the name of the specific player.
  • It will automatically start it then, you don't have to wait 40 seconds.
  • By creating a public heist a message appears in chat, it warns other players that a heist has been created
    • Be quick to join it.
  • Are you planning on leaving your current mission or job?
    • Usage for the queue is: /queue leave
  • Now be sure to not be in /lobby if you're creating a heist, you cannot leave the lobby area if you go on doing a heist!
  • This problem is certain annoying, because you will have to leave the heist and make a new one.
  • HEIST STARTED? Be sure to not be in a closed place! Be somewhere in the map where you can see the sky above you!
  • You will have to do /heist ready in 30 seconds! SO BE quick!
    • Just be certain that you have a clear space above you.
    • The HEIST will start without you if you don't type /heist ready!

Banks in MTA

MTA Bank1.png
Make sure to get this message, before moving out.
  • Royal Bank: -45 66 -446 (Near Firedepot)
  • Grand Bank: -539 66 -337 (Near HeartRow Bank)
  • Beka Bank: -333 69 -443 (Near Coach House)
  • Maq Bank: -453 81 358 (Near Grove Street)


  • You will be brought to one of these Banks in MTA. it's always a guess which one.
  • You will be brought with a Helicopter (automatically) One tip: Never press Shift while in the Helicopter.
  • It will somehow kick you out of the Helicopter, you will die if you don't have a jetpack! So I recommend you not do it.
  • You have been brought to the place of the bank
  • You may be freezed, because you will have to wait for the others to arrive
  • You have been given 2 items in your inventory.
  • TNT and A Mission Indicator don't drop/waste it, because it may have consequences!


  • Now you will have to proceed to the heist area
  • Follow your Compass
  • Blow up the wall with TNT, move in that area so you get all the money until you get this message


  • How much can you loot? Well, that depends on your Looting level, let me say how higher the looting level how higher you can loot money.
  • Now you will need to run away, because the cops in MTA are chasing you!
  • Find a good spot to hide from them. Somewhere in a building, I recommend. Somewhere they can't find you.
  • Stay there until your wanted level gets lower to 0. Now you will need to follow The Mission Indicator to the final destination. Make sure to not get busted by the cops or get in touch with them. THEY are annoying things.
  • End the Heist following the Mission Indicator, Be quick though! Heists ends automatically in 20 minutes after you rob a bank. If you arrived at the final spot, then end it moving in that area where the compass say so.
  • What do you get? You get +8 General level. +3 Looting goes to your Looting level obviously, and +93 Shotbow XP for completing a heist. What if you lost the Mission indicator? you could simply type /shop -> Utility, there you see the compass, then follow towards the spot where it say so.
  • I recommend finding a ATM or a bank to deposit the money.
  • I hope you now know how to rob a bank.

All other subjects will be added later when I got time to write them.