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Gangs are a great way to communicate and play with your friends. It helps add an extra layer of life to the game. People can cooperate to level up the gang, or cooperate to get the money for a gang house. You can also attack, infiltrate, ally, and betray other gangs.

Gang Houses

Gangs houses work like any normal house, except loot put in chests are shared. When you buy a gang house, anyone in your gang can teleport to that gang house. Gang houses cost significantly more than normal houses, ranging from $20,000 to $1,000,000. If there’s anybody within the gang that you don’t trust with gang chests, you can set their gang rank to recruit. This way they aren’t able to open any chests. By going into your gang house you will be hidden from the in-game tab. However, players can use /gang see <name> to check if you're in your gang house.

All the ganghouses are stated on the shotbow wiki page.

Gang Commands

  • /gang create <name> This will cost $50,000K & 500 XP.
  • /gmsg <message> Allows you to talk in the gang chat.
  • /gang view Allows you to see the information of your gang.
  • /gang see <name> Allows you to see other player's gang information.
  • /gang rename <name> This will rename your gang. It costs 1000XP.
  • /gang disband This will delete your gang. It cannot be brought back. This will not grant your money back. Nor XP.
  • /gang add <name> Add a player to your gang.
  • /gang leave Leave your current gang.
  • /gang kick <name> Kick a player of your gang.
  • /gang members Allows you to see all the members in your gang. It will also state their gang position and if they're online currently.
  • /gang set <name> (Position) Set player's position in the gang. (Owner, Co-Owner, Senior, Admin, Member, Recruit).
  • /gang setXpSplit <Percent> Set the percentage of your own earned MTA experience devoted to your gang's level instead of your own stats.
  • /gang bank view Shows the bank balance of your gang.
  • /gang deposit <amount> Deposit an amount of your gang's bank balace.
  • /gang withdraw <amount> Withdraw an amount into your gang's bank balance.


Your position in a gang allows you different things to do.

  • Recruit:
    • Recruit position cannot allow you to open gang chests. They are unable to buy houses.
  • Member:
    • Allowes you to store stuff in gang chests.
  • Admin
    • Allowes you to invite new players, change players position between member and recruit, kick members, buy new gang houses.
  • Seniors
    • Allowes to make players an admin. Kick lower ranks than Senior. Sell/buy gang houses.
  • Co-Owner
    • Allowes to give all gang ranks to players. All perms stated above.
  • Owner
    • Disband the gang, only one person can be owner.

Gang Leveling

You can level up your gang level by leveling up in any normal way, but setting your gang XP split from 1-100%. The percent you set your gang XP split to is the percent of your leveling XP that goes into leveling the gang. Leveling one’s gang can increase the amount of gang houses you can have. A gang starts off with a maximum of one gang house slot at level 0, and can own 1 more gang house per every 2 levels, and it can also add to the maximum amount of players a gang can have. Starting off with a maximum of 10 members, each level adds 2 members to the maximum capacity.