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Cops are the main "Enemy" In MTA. Whenever you commit a crime, and your wanted level is 1 or above, NPC cops will start to spawn. Killing them does not help as that raises the wanted level. If you are working towards cop, or are a cop, it also lowers your Vigilante points (A civilian who has unlocked cop won't lose any vigilante points), instead what you want to do is to run away and after a certain amount of time without a cop in a certain radius around you your wanted level will go down and cops will no longer be hostile. After a certain wanted level SWAT and Military troopers also come. Breaking out of Prison instantly raises your wanted level to 6, making it hard to escape. During certain crime jobs for example the Heist, cops will auto spawn It is also possible to become a cop after reaching MTA level 12 and having 20 vigilante points. (Obtained by killing 20 criminals, 1 Criminal Kill = +1 Vigilant, 1 NPC Cop Kill = -1 Vigilant, 1 Innocent Civilian Kill = -1 Vigilant) When the player becomes a cop they can switch between classes of Civilian and Cop.

Killing as a Cop:
+1 Arrests for Successful Handcuff Arrest (Used to be 2, lowered to add to play quality; shooting is more fun than spamming buttons)
+1 Arrests for Criminal Kill
-1 Vigilant, -1 Arrests for Criminal Kill below 3 as SWAT
-2 Vigilant, -2 Arrests for Steal Car
-1 Vigilant, -3 Arrests for NPC Cop Kill
-1 Vigilant, -5 Arrests for Innocent Kill

Cop Level:
(Rookie) Cop (1) = 0 Arrests
Cooldowns: (Cuffs: N/A) (Taser: N/A)
(Officer) Cop (2) = 10 Arrests (Handcuffs and SWAT Unlocked)
Cooldowns: (Cuffs: 120 secs) (Taser: N/A)
(Sergeant) Cop (3) = 50 Arrests
Cooldowns: (Cuffs: 90 secs) (Taser: N/A)
(Captain) Cop (4) = 100 Arrests
Cooldowns: (Cuffs: 70 secs) (Taser: N/A)
(Lieutenant) Cop (5) = 400 Arrests (TASER unlocked)
Cooldowns: (Cuffs: 50 secs) (Taser: 100 secs)
(Co-Chief) Cop (6) = 550 Arrests
Cooldowns: (Cuffs: 40 secs) (Taser: 80 secs)
(Chief) Cop (7) = 1,000 Arrests (Max Cop Rank currently)
Cooldowns: (Cuffs: 30 secs) [Taser: 60 secs] (FAKE)