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There are multiple locations and areas where Giants are designated to spawn on the MineZ map, spawning either inside dungeons or naturally spawning in the gravel canyons and other locations.

Here is a list of locations where Giants will spawn:

Locations (naturally)


Removed/Non-available Spawns

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • There are multiple zombie and Zombie Pigman spawners below the rubble and giant bones at Giant's Camp.
  • The nearest water source to Giant's camp is at Abandoned Farm or Al Hasa.
  • One can parkour up a few boulders and wooden stakes at Giant's Camp to avoid zombies.
    • It's also possible to get on the boulder with a tree by performing a 3 block 1 up jump from the smaller boulder next to it.
  • Giant's Camp is one of the most dangerous locations to fight a giant due to its close proximity to Al Hasa and Abandoned Farm - Both of which are very high PvP areas.
  • On public, only Scorched Giants spawns at Giant's Camp
    • This means that bandits who fight at Al Hasa may want to come to Giant's Rest for diamond swords.
  • Hasa bandits often run to Short Bridge when losing fights. They may then use cobwebs to descend the canyon wall, which will put them near Giant's Rest.
    • Players who have been knocked off of the infamous curve east of Al Hasa will also end up here.
  • Giant's Beach is probably the safest location to kill giants at.


  • Giant's Camp's location message is 'Wasteland Campsite'.
  • There is a sign located on the southern part of the giant wooden spit of Giant's Camp. It reads "Next meal: Whoopiecow".
  • The position of Giant's Camp was changed twice. The original and first location was West of Fort Kharj. Then, it was moved South of Shrine of the Dusk. And finally sits west of Al Hasa. It was also completely removed once during the relocations. For the last relocation it got a new look, which is the current one.
  • The first instance of Giant's Camp was a submission by IamMclovin, who also built Grayvale, Eillom and the old Thieves' Guild, with the latter also being a reference to the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
    • The newest version of Giant's Camp further resembles the location found in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • Giant's Rest used to be situated between Camp Kharj and Al Hasa Quarry but was removed. It was rebuilt and re-added with the Scratching The Surface update.
    • It was made up of a set of large cooking pots suspended above a pit with zombie corpses hanging below.
  • Giant's Rage was added with the 2021 Christmas Update, making it the second build to be initially revealed in a holiday form, after St. Roseluck Island's rebuild, which was initially added as a Halloween build.