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Fort Erie as seen from the southeast

Fort Erie is a military fortress atop a snowy mountain in the snow biome. It is visited mostly for the mid-tier weapons and armor available, though the button room pot_rares are more valuable. The amount of military chests make Fort Erie a great place to get chain armor and iron swords. Iron armor can also spawn here, though it's very rare.

The best way to get atop the mountain is to swim up the waterfall that leads to the partially frozen lake, located on the southern side of the mountains. Fort Erie doesn't hold too much in terms of food or civilian loot; Clarce is close by and can be reached by following the mountain west. However, an Emerald Shard for the Emerald Quest can be found here.

General Information
Coordinates: (430, -1650)
Location Message: N/A
Number of Buildings: 1
Zombie Threat: Medium
Number of Chests: 19
Lootable Graves: None
Risk of Bandits: Medium

General Resources
Water bottle.png Water Refill
Crafting TableHD.png Crafting Table
New FarmHD2.png Farm

Brewing stand.png Brewing Stand
Lit Furnace HD.png Lit Furnace

Civilian Loot
Paper.png Common Chests

Yellow dye.png Uncommon Chests 1
Antidote flask.png Rare Chests

Tool Loot
Wooden hoe.png Common Chests

Stone Button (S) JE5 BE2.png Uncommon Chests

Stone hoe.png Rare Chests

Food Loot
Beetroot.png Common Chests

Wheat.png Uncommon Chests 1
Pumpkin pie.png Rare Chests

Potion Loot
Potion Drink Health.gif Common Chests

Potion Splash Health.gif Uncommon Chests

Glowstone dust.png Rare Chests 2

Military Loot
Arrow.png Common Chests

Sugar.png Uncommon Chests 3
Ender pearl.png Rare Chests 11
Gunpowder.png Epic Chests

Diamond axe.png Mythic Chests 1
Room Loot
Gold apple.png High Chests

Cooked cod.png Low Chests

Emerald Quest
Prismarine crystals.png Emerald Shard
Emerald Geode.png Emerald Geode

Loot Chests

  • Stable
    • 1 food_uncommon
  • Dormitories
    • 1 civ_uncommon
  • North Tower
    • 1 mil_rare
  • Northwestern Tower
    • 1 mil_uncommon
  • Southwestern Tower
    • 2 mil_rare
  • South Tower
    • 1 mil_rare
  • Southeastern Tower
    • 1 mil_uncommon
  • Northeastern Tower
    • 1 mil_rare
    • 1 mil_uncommon
  • Central Tower
    • 1 mil_rare
    • Flag
      • 1 mil_rare
  • Iron Door Room (Button Required)
    • 2 pot_rare
  • Night's Watch Secret Cave
    • 1 mil_rare
  • Basement Cells
    • 3 mil_rare
  • Basement Alcove
    • 1 mil_mythic

Travel Advisory/Warnings

  • The crafting tables are located in the back room of the basement.
  • The brewing stands are located inside the iron door room, which also contains 3 water cauldrons and 2 pot_rare chests.
  • The Emerald Shard is in the middle-left cell in the basement. The only method of entry is through the hole above the cell.
    • The intended method of entry is to push the crates in the room around to create a parkour path. In order to find a crate that stands tall enough, access the back room with the lower crate, then flip both levers on the left to open the doorway.
    • If the emerald shard is missing, then a player has picked it up recently. It will take at most fifteen minutes to respawn.
  • Since there isn't enough food to support a group, Fort Erie isn't often visited by bandit groups. This makes it better when going solo.
  • Zombies and players are visible from the towers, giving an opportunity to avoid/snipe them.
  • Keep an eye for bandits when climbing the waterfall, as they might shoot off players.
  • For a quick exit/escape, use the waterfall nearby or the iron door that is located in the fort's northern hallway (not the cauldron room). It's great for escaping north.


  • There is a beacon near Fort Erie. It is underground and shines light through a frozen lake. This is where Wind Spire is located in the Cave System.
  • Fort Erie and Sanctuary of Peace are the only two locations to have both mil_rares and mil_mythics, but no mil_epics.
  • The Fort Erie rebuild was part of a build submission competition for a Fort Erie Remodel. The winner of the competition was this one and it was added at some point in 2014. The builder of it was Anskar and his name can be found on a sign above the fountain.
    • The basement was not part of Anskar's build submission - it was added in April of 2021.
  • At the top of the waterfall, there's a secret cave with blood, a skeleton skull with a sign that reads: "We are watchers... On the wall...", and there's a mil_rare chest below the sign.
  • The old Fort Erie only contained 4 mil_rares and 1 civ_store and had zombie spawners present in the structure as well.
  • The old version was brought back for April Fools 2018, with minor loot changes from the original version.
  • Once, a pressure plate was put in front of the button room on accident and rolled to the live servers. For about two weeks, every time the server rebooted, an admin would have to log in and break the plate to prevent the potions from being farmed.


Lore Book

  • The following lore book is found in the end of the second room in the basement at (397, 113, -1646) :

Antiquitor's Log - Antiquitor August

The shipments from the digsite have been arriving fairly steadily, I've done my best to catalogue all of the findings. Eris and Perci hope to join us here at the fort, they've apparently made a major discovery.

They've made connections to some kind of fractured key, one that could very well be pieced back together.
Eris has brought pieces of her collection here to the fort, to gather all known parts in one place.

I, however, am bringing two of them with me to test a personal theory beneath the Serpent's Hold. I've left one here under guard, but I feel this may prove far more valuable than musings of the past.
If all works out, we'll all have what we want.