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DELETE THIS NOTICE WHEN FINISHED. Next Class is Defender. Summary of this Annihilation Class, popular uses, current meta regarding play style and any barriers to switching classes.



You are the confusion.

Blink away to far distances or evade your enemies, or blink behind them to get the jump on them! Slaying an enemy grants a small amount of hunger back to you!

Class Information

Purchase for 20,000 XP

The Dasher spawns with a set of wooden tools, an ender pearl and 6 soulbound bread. You can use the ender pearl by sneaking to 'Dash' between 5 - 25 blocks. An emerald block will be placed to show visually where you will 'Dash' to. The Dasher cannot 'Dash' through walls. The Blink ability has a 10 second cooldown on use.


  • You can blink 25 blocks in any direction, including through water, to high places, to low places, or even out of Swapper traps.
  • Killing enemies restores a little hunger.
  • You can dash into your Nexus, very effective on certain maps; such as Kingdom.


  • 'Blink' does not go through walls.

Tips & Tactics

  • You can't be hooked by Scorpios whilst blinking.
  • If an enemy is running away, blink 5 blocks in front of them so you can surprise them and finish them off.
  • Boots of grace will allow you to become EXTREMELY mobile, nearly impossible to catch if played correctly.

Video Review

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