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DELETE THIS NOTICE WHEN FINISHED. Next Class is Berserker. Summary of this Annihilation Class, popular uses, current meta regarding play style and any barriers to switching classes.


You are the music.

Use your instrument to give buffs to your teammates, or to cause chaos amongst your enemies.

Class Information

Purchase for 20,000 XP

The Bard spawns with a set of wooden tools and a Buffbox. You can place the Buffbox and right click it to select from 4 songs to play:

  • Invigorate - Buffs teammates with Regeneration.
  • Enlighten - Buffs teammates with Speed.
  • Intimidate - Debuffs enemies with Weakness III.
  • Shackle - Debuffs enemies with Slowness II.

When you play a song, it will act much like a beacon. It will affect those within 10 blocks of it, represented by the expanding note particles coming off of it. Songs have individual cooldowns of 30 seconds each when they're played and cannot be played again while on cooldown.

If the Bard is killed, the Buffbox will break. It can be destroyed manually by the owner or an enemy; teammates cannot destroy the Buffbox. Once the Buffbox is broken, the Bard cannot place it for the next 10 seconds.


  • Very strong buffs and debuffs.
  • Songs can go through walls.
  • Songs loop continuously.


  • Cannot be placed in the Wither arena.
  • Buffbox only remains useful as long as you stay alive.
  • Once the Buffbox is broken, it cannot be placed for the next 10 seconds.

Tips & Tactics

  • Keep your Buffbox covered to stop enemies from breaking it too easily.
  • Use your knowledge of the situation at hand to decide which song to play on your Buffbox. If teammates are being bombarded by arrows, Invigorate will work well for helping them stay healthy. If enemies are trying to cut you down, Intimidate will hinder them severely.
  • As the Buffbox's songs disregard walls, attaching them to the outside of an enemy's base, such as the middle of the area, can be a great aggressive move.
  • Place the Buffbox in mines to protect yourself and/or teammates from invasions.
  • A Buffbox set to Enlighten, similarly to the Tinkerer's speed power pads, can be used to quickly transit between bases and mines.
  • You can quickly cycle through each song applying all buffs/debuffs to nearby players when they are off cooldown.

Video Review

Parts of this review are now out of date! English