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10 maps are picked for each rotation. The current map pool is shown in the Annihilation Lobby. More info can be found here.

Before a game begins, players will be offered four maps from the current rotation to vote for. Players can vote for a map using /vote (mapname). You can use tab-autocomplete with the map commands. Players may switch their map vote before one is selected.

Maps will be added to rotation based on which one is liked most by the community. This is done by an in-game poll. When a game ends, you are able to vote on that map from a 1-5 scale, 5 being the best score and 1 being the worst score. This is not a match rating.

    Tier System
    Tier 1 - Classic and universally popular. Maps in this tier are always in the rotation
    Tier 2 - Community favourites
    Tier 3 - Randomized selection
    Tier 4 - New maps when they are added. Not every rotation will have a new map added
    Seasonal Maps – Maps in any tier may be switched out for their seasonal variants; if any.