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The main base is a modified Al Hasa containing the original well, graveyard, potion tower and house in the back. The only building inside the walls that comes from another part of the MineZ map is the windmill, which can be found at [[Abandoned Farm]]. The town is a little more compact as well, seeing as a few buildings are missing. The building outside the walls that are closest to the windmill is a part of [[Camp Kharj]] and the little wooden huts next to the quarry seem to be from here as well. The quarry itself contains the iron mine and is, of course, Al Hasa Quarry.
The plateaus of green/red and yellow/blue are connected by wooden bridges. The plateaus of green/blue and red/yellow are connected as well, but this part of the old [[Giant's Camp ]] takes some time and skill to cross, so it's recommended you build a bridge over these ravines, just like you would do in a canyon game. Under this part of [[Giant 's Camp]]-turned-bridge, you can find the rest of a smaller, modified version of [[Giant's Camp]], a location that has been removed from the current MineZ map but that used to be just Northwest of Shrine of the Dusk.The ravines that are crossed by normal bridges contain a tree as well, which can be found in the MineZ map Southeast of [[Abandoned Farm]] and North-West of [[Camp Kharj]]. The middle of the map is [[Eillom]] with a few minor changes, but other than that exactly the same as it can be found in [[MineZ]].
According to the poll created by Zentz01, the map is mostly disliked due to flat terrain and plenty of gravel. Around 65% of the people who voted in the poll wanted to see the map removed.

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