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<u>'''DELETE THIS NOTICE WHEN FINISHED. Next Class is [[Bloodmage]]. Summary of this Annihilation Class, popular uses, current meta regarding play style and any barriers to switching classes.'''</u>
<p style="text-align:center">[[File:Stone_sword.png]][[File:Wooden_pickaxe.png]][[File:Wooden_axe.png]][[File:Health_potion.png]][[File:Leather_helmet.png]][[File:Leather_chestplate.png]][[File:Leather_leggings.png]][[File:Leather_boots.png]]</p>
<p style="text-align:center"><span style="color:#00ffff">'''You are the anger. '''</span></p> <p style="text-align:center"><span style="color:#00ffff">A master of controlled aggression, you charge into the fight. You deal more damage to players with better gear than you and earn hearts for every kill for a total of 20! [</319span></purchase Purchase for 20,000 XP (Lifetime only)]p>
==Class info==
<span style="color:#00ff00">Purchase for '''20,000 XP'''</span>
- <li>The Berserker starts with a stone sword and a potion of instant health I. The Berserker only spawns with 7 hearts.</li>- <li>Killing a player will give the Berserker an additional heart ([IMG[File:Heart.png]]) until you reach a maximum of 15 total hearts. Once you have reached 15 hearts, you can gain 5 more (max of 20) by killing your opponent with a melee weapon only (no bow).</li>- <li>Each kill after 15 hearts will only add half a heart ([IMG[File:Half_heart.png]]), meaning the last 5 hearts will take 10 kills to reach.</li>- <li>Dying resets your hearts back to 7.</li>- <li>You will deal more damage to enemies that have better armour than you based on you. This is calculated based on your armour value (MAX 20); which is indicated by the armour armor icons above your hearts. The extra damage done is the difference between your armour armor value and your opponents, divided by 2.5.</li>
===<span style="color:#00ff00">Pros</span>===<ul><li>At max power, gains an extra 10 more hearts than any other class. (except defender).</li><li>Extra damage inflicted to those with more armor points than yourself regardless of enchantments.</li></ul>
===<span style="color:#ff0000">Cons</span>===<ul><li>Starting with 7 hearts leaves you at a considerable disadvantage to others early on.</li><li>The last 5 hearts can only be gained with melee kills, putting you at greater risk when compared to long ranged kills.</li></ul>
==Tips & Tactics==
<ul><li>Using a bow is a good way to gain hearts early.</li><li>Go to mid early in game to get easy kills before people are prepared.</li><li>This class is great for strength rushes, as you can last twice as long.</li><li>Try to defend early phase 2 so you can get hearts. Most players only want to hit nexuses rather than killing the defenders.</li><li>If you are particularly good at pvp, you will kill quicker by wearing no armour and using a powerful sword.</li></ul>
==Video Review==
Parts of this review are now out of date!

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