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Removed Delaying Block from class items, pros and tips & tactics as it's no longer specific to Builder
<p style="text-align:center">[[File:Wooden_sword.png|File:Wooden_sword.png]][[File:Wooden_pickaxe.png|File:Wooden_pickaxe.png]][[File:Wooden_axe.png|File:Wooden_axe.png]][[File:Wooden_shovel.png|File:Wooden_shovel.png]][[File:Book.png|File:Book.png]][[File:Sea_lantern.gif|File:Sea_lantern.gif]][[File:Leather_helmet.png|File:Leather_helmet.png]][[File:Leather_chestplate.png|File:Leather_chestplate.png]][[File:Leather_leggings.png|File:Leather_leggings.png]][[File:Leather_boots.png|File:Leather_boots.png]]</p>
Builder includes a full set of wooden tools, and a book titled "Resource Drop" which gives several blocks and a Builder starts also off with 2 sea lanterns titled "Delaying Block".
Resource drops have a 90-second cooldown. When the book is ready to be used, the book's name will display READY.
The builder gets 2 experience for about every 1.5 seconds if constantly placing blocks.
===<span style="color:#00ff00">Pros</span>=== <!--T:9-->
* Very useful for quickly building walls/defenses or even skybridges.
* You gain experience for placing blocks and calling in packages.
* Delaying Blocks are a huge deal for defenses, they will not only inflict mining fatigue onto enemies that break a block within their range (5 blocks, spherical) but they also make an audible curse sound which can be heard by all players in the vicinity, as well as the enemy, will be 'struck' by a line of particles from the nearest Delaying block. When cursed by a delaying block, enemies are inflicted with Mining Fatigue II, however, [[Special:MyLanguage/Engineer|Engineer]]s are only inflicted with Mining Fatigue I. You can right-click your delaying blocks to see their range in-game, the range is shown by a sphere of particles.
===<span style="color:#ff0000">Cons</span>=== <!--T:11-->
* You have to stay as Builder in order to keep your delaying blocks out.None
==Tips & Tactics== <!--T:13-->
* Building a skybridge early on may catch other teams off guard.
* Give your extra wool to swappers on your team so they can create powerful traps.
* Spread Delaying Blocks 5 blocks apart, their curse does not stack
* Use Delaying Blocks with swapper traps, you can place string in the swapper trap so the enemy has to break a block and thus will be cursed
==Video Review== <!--T:15-->

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